Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 18

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

  • – Iraqi special forces captain, Ahmed Jassim Muhammad, has been killed by , west of Mosul
  • – ‘Nobody should have to suffer this much’, interview with a victim still in hospital
  • – Ongoing attack on army base
  • – Security forces discover an prison in Central Mosul
  • – 3 members killed in an attack on army positions.
  • Gillis – Explosion and fire in apartment building. 2 injured Cause of the explosion not known yet
    ** Some metro lines are interrupted
    ** Gas explosion, not terror related
  • – Afghan are establishing Military Bases: Police Chief
  • Gillis – Explosion and fire in apartment building. 2 injured Cause of the explosion not known yet
  • – 16 militants killed in Afghan commandos operation in
  • claims an IED attack on police officers. 2 killed, 3 injured
  • claims it’s snipers killed 6 Iraqi soldiers in and .
  • – Man opens fire on 3 police officers, 1 injured. Allegedly tried to escape a road control
    ** It is believed the attacker was checked in Garges-lès-Gonesse @ 7.30 am. Shots fired. He fled the scene
  • – Reports emerging of police operation @ Lyon airport due to a suspicious package.
    ** Now cleared , airport back to normal

  • BREAKING –  – Shooting @ airport. Evacuation. Allegedly hostage situation ongoing
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-18 om 11.24.36
France’s RAID counter terrorism unit at Orly Airport

** Large police operation underway. Unconfirmed reports say the shots were aimed @ police officers, but to be confirmed
** UNCONFIRMED: A man allegedly tried to grab a soldier’s arm @ airport. Man on the ground
** Police operation @ airport confirmed. Please follow police orders!
** It is believed the soldier has fired @ the attacker @ airport
** Police operation still ongoing @ airport. 1 man in custody
**  on scene @ airport
** Police advise to avoid airport for the moment
** Attacker @ airport has been shot dead: official
** Interior Minister on his way to airport
** Arriving aircrafts are kept away from the terminals @ airport. Passengers to stay in the airplanes
**  operation ongoing. Bomb squad on scene @ airport
** After taking away the soldier’s weapon, the attacker @ airport hid in a shop before being shot
** Combing operation @ airport for possible accomplices or explosives. That doesn’t mean there are any!
** Some arriving flights for airport are being diverted to .
** Metro suspended due to situation @ airport.
** Minister of Defense also on his way to airport
**  intervention @ ongoing
** The attack @ happened at the Turkish Airlines counter, not far from a flight to : Le Parisian
** Interior Minister asks not to go to airport for the time being
** Attacker held soldier hostage @ . Negotiations didn’t work, was shot subsequently: witness to BFMTV, to be confirmed
** 3,000 people evacuated @ west. Police operation still ongoing @ Orly south
** Emergency crews are still arriving @ airport
**  airport will be entirely searched by security forces
**  alert for has finally been launched
** Bomb squad operations ended. No explosives found @ ** Anti-terror prosecutor will be leading the investigation of the attack @ airport
** Man shot dead @ also shot officer at traffic stop earlier and then stole a woman’s car at gunpoint: MoI
**  attacker was known to police and intelligence services. He was known for armed robbery
** During the state of emergency in France, his house has been searched. (Probably was .)
** The father and the brother of the attacker have been arrested
** President salutes the courage and efficiency of the soldiers and police officers @ airport.
** The attacker at airport allegedly is a 39-year-old
** ‘s west terminal has reopened. Authorities however ask not to come to the airport at this point
** The house of the shooter in Garges-lès-Gonesse is now being searched
** The father and the brother of the shooter allegedly went to the police station in Vitry-sur-Seine themselves. They told police they got a text message from the shooter saying “I did something stupid, I shot at police officers”
** Incoming flights for are now allowed again to land
** Full name of the attacker: Ziyed Ben Belgacem
** The police officer shot by the attacker in , before he hijacked a car to drive to Orly, is in good condition
** South Terminal Air traffic activities resuming around 3pm. Check flight info w/ your airline before coming to the airport
** A total of 29 airplanes had to be diverted to other airports due to the Orly shooting incident
** Some facts about the shooter: – Ziyed Ben Belgacem, 39-y-o – 44 mentions in police files – 9 convictions
** The shooter was also known to domestic intelligence
**  airport attacker told soldiers ‘I’m here to die for Allah’: prosecutor
** Cousin of airport attacker has been detained: prosecutor
**  attacker Ziyed Ben Belgacem was born 14/02/1978 in Paris. Detected as radicalized during a stay in prison in 2011
**  attacker was carrying: Koran, lighter, cigarettes & € 750 cash. Cocaine found at his house during search: prosecutor

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-18 om 11.31.40
The killed Orly attacker
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-18 om 15.03.57
The Orly attacker : Ziyed Ben Belgacem

  • – Court remands two Iraqis for links, eight others released under judicial control
  • attack on several houses of security forces members. Casualties unclear. Curfew in place
  • – 18 (mostly Syrians) charged with transferring millions of dollars to in and
  • – 2 terrorist killed: Rangers spokesman
  • – Attack on RAB checkpoint foiled. Attacker on a motorcycle with a bag of explosives was shot dead on scene
    ** This comes after another attack on a RAB base, also in Dhaka, yesterday.
  • – Acc to , the flow of FTFs to -held areas is the lowest since 2014
    ** Note that returning FTFs become a bigger concern every day
  • – “A man with a bomb can still easily walk in”: airport police
  • #Pakistan  released a picture of the 2 suicide bombers of the attack on the army training camp in ,
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-18 om 11.07.03
Minchinai suicide bombers
  • – Twin explosions near Agra-Cantt Railway Station, no casualties reported so far
    ** Note the is not even 6 km away. threatened with attacks on the monument less than 48 hours ago.
    ** 1st explosion took place near a civilian house. 2nd on near train track 5, in a garbage disposal
    ** Police are conducting an investigation in wake of the recent threats. No major damage reported so far
  • – 4 facilitators of blast arrested

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