Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 19

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

  • – Signs of radicalization? This service can help you out. Contact them! It’s free and it helps save lives!
  • – Fireworks as Abdul Basit denies supports terror
  • – 14 years ago tonight, the started bombing Iraq

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-19 om 23.48.15

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-19 om 23.40.47
Mali – Ammunition destruction
  • claims destroying an armored vehicle and killing 5 soldiers in an attempt to advance near east
  • gunmen kidnap 3 passengers
  • Chief of Staff predicts upcoming war with Lebanese-supported terrorist groups
  • militants blow up 14 houses south of Mosul
  • Syria –  – Large explosion reported near TV building in Umayyad Square
  • – Egyptian army arrests 37 terror suspects in North Sinai
  • – Two Turkish soldiers killed in anti-PKK operation. 3 members killed too.
    ** Meanwhile 6 members dead. Ops ongoing
  • #Iraq claims a suicide attack on Iraqi troops. Casualties unknown at this point
  • Coalition aircraft have intensified the bombardement of Northern, Western and Eastern suburbs allegedly killing tens of people
  • – London police simulate boat hijacking in counter-terror exercise
  • claims destroying an Abrams tank + killing and wounding the Iraqi troops on board
  • – 4 life sentences for terrorist who killed US teen Ezra Schwartz
  • – Security forces repel attack
  • – Clashes in Syria’s Damascus after surprise rebel attack
  • claims killing 39 Iraqi soldiers in fights west of Mosul
  • – 3 soldiers injured when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them at military base in Helmand: officials
    ** Attacker dead
  • – Iraqi airstrike destroys communication unit
  • – Bangladesh court upholds death sentences over 2004 terror attack on British envoy
  • Another short overview of a terrorist outfit. Today: , active in and

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-19 om 16.17.42

  • – 4,323 people killed & 4,687 injured in terrorist & rebel attacks in 2017 so far – ICD
  • – Father of attacker Ziyed Ben Belgacem has been released
  • started an offensive again. Started with 2 VBIEDs
    **  advanced 600 meters against , making the ops a success
    ** SAA is counterattacking the rebels and have blocked many gateways to the city with tanks
    ** Syrian Air Force is heavily  bombarding the rebels advantages and rebels occupied greater Damascus area
  • – Roadside bomb blast: 1 soldier killed and 2 injured
  • – Alleged suicide attack: 4 killed, 8 wounded
  • – Philippine gov’t forces ‘neutralize’ 47 Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters
  • claims having killed 45+ Syrian soldiers in a suicide attack north of Deir Hafer.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-19 om 10.45.29

  • – Clash among Junbish and Jamiat gunmen leaves 4 dead in North of Afghanistan
  • – 10 insurgents killed in air strike
  • – 1 taken into custody after driving up to a checkpoint near the White House, claiming to have a bomb. Vehicle is being searched: CNN
    ** Several streets around White House are blocked. Security @ White House beefed up
  • – Houthi missile shot down over Jazan
  • – Sister of terror accused man in Bulgarian jail speaks out
  • – German cyber-security watchdog raises attack alert level
  • uses toxic gases to shell civilians in liberated areas of Mosul

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