Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 21

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

  • working to put explosives in batteries led to airline’s electronics restrictions
    ** Note that the strange thing about the list with restricted countries is, that is not on it. Remember Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri?
  • – Jihadi recruitment saw 55% jump
  • wants more help in fight against and
  • – Warnings of a ‘Powder Keg’ in Libya as regroups
  • – Germany set to deport two suspected militants born on its soil
  • – At least 6 killed in suicide attack on Mogadishu checkpoint
  • hosting 68 countries for major anti- summit
  • – Nigerian military ignored intelligence before deadly attack: SSS, Police
  • – FCO: heightened risk of terrorist attack against aviation warnings issued for Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt & Tunisia.
  • chief Jeroen targeted by mail bomb that was intercepted.
    ** The letter was 1 of those found in Greece yesterday. The 7 others all targeted other politicians too.
  • A little reminder: a tweet of March 9, 2017. And now the bans of electronic products on flights. Coincidence?
    ** – Publication of a manual on how to make explosives and how to use them on airplanes, with comments and advise on different airlines.
  • bans laptops & other electronic devices in cabin luggage for flights from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia & Saudi Arabia.
  • claims assassinating an Afghan soldier.
  • removes hundreds of thousands of terror accounts
  • – 2 suspicious persons arrested in a hospital. Special police forces were on scene. No further communications @ this point.
    ** Some local media were talking about a suspicious package too, but that’s not confirmed.
    ** Bomb dogs were also on scene. 2 persons identified. Nothing suspicious found.
  • Another short overview of a terrorist group. Today: , or Army of Islam, based in the Strip (see this website under the Terrorism Organizations section).
  • – New director for , special police forces.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.45.56

  • – Two security experts die deactivating bomb north of Baghdad
  • claims disabling a tank, destroying an APC, killing 4 soldiers (incl 2 officers) and repelling an army raid
  • arrests Gazan man for funneling Turkish aid funds to military wing
  • – Iraqi forces control more facilities in central Mosul, 3 bombers killed
  • alert @ center. 1 person put in quarantine. Powder is now being investigated. Area sealed off.
    ** Area released. Powder seems to be harmless, but will be analyzed by specialized services. Anspach center open again
  • claims the killing of 1 Egyptian soldier by 1 of their snipers on March 19
  • – 3 radicalized Muslims given sentences between 6 & 7 years for the bombing of a Sikh temple on April 16, 2016
  • – 2 men (44 and 31) have been arrested in Garges-lès-Gonesse. They are suspected of providing the attacker with weapons
  •   #ISIS – Jihadist propaganda and information warfare in cyberspace
  • – A police officer was injured when a census team came under a terrorist attack
  • had claimed the attack. Toll : 23 killed, 45+ injured
  • – Former commander Martin McGuinness dies aged 66
  • – Missing JNU student Najeeb searched for information on
  • – Iraqi warns against staying in country
  • is creating a fleet of cheap armed drones and is using them to great effect in Syria

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