Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 22

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

BREAKING – lockdown around parliament after reports of 2 being shot.
** lockdown around parliament after reports of 2 being shot.
** Large security operation underway. Journalists confined inside Westminster. Police treating victims. Life flight on scene.
** Victims on bridge too.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 21.43.09

** Preliminary toll @ parliament: 12 injured. Attacker shot and wounded.
** 1st attacker rushed Parliament police, shot inside Parliament, 2nd attacker on Wetsminster bridge struck civilians with vehicle
** Westminster metro station closed.
** At least 1 police officer injured in the attack.
** Please take note we are indeed talking about 2 separate incidents at this point, although they might be related or coordinated
** Aerial footage of the scene @ Westminster Bridge.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 21.46.55

** Ambulances are still rushing to the scene.
** Events @ are being treated as terror incidents, until proven otherwise: police.
** Traffic advice: Avoid Parliament Sq, Whitehall, Westminster & Lambeth Bridge. Avoid Victoria St up to junction with Broadway & Victoria Embankment/tube.
** If you have photos or film of the incident in please make sure you pass them to police
** Ambulance carrying intruder has left Parliament. The body of the person we think was police officer is dead, body covered by red blanket
** President has been briefed about the events @ .
** 1 woman has died and others have suffered “catastrophic injuries” in incident: doctor, via SkyNews.
** Evacuation of Parliament halted while suspicious package in vehicle is being investigated by bomb squad.
** on scene @ .
** CT Specialist Firearms Officers on scene @ .
** The moment the attacker was taken into custody @ .

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.29.08

** 2 remarks on attack. 1) Today = 1st anniversary of . 2) Wednesday = usually busiest day @ .
** Indications emerging 2 have died in the attack @ .
** so far: 2 dead, up to 3 officers injured, 1 woman had to be rescued from river . She’s alive.
** Some of the injured pedestrians on bridge are French students.
** 3 French students injured @ Bridge according to French PM.
** Police have issued a list of no go areas following Parliament terror attack
** The Hyundai used in the attack has allegedly been registered in . To be confirmed.
** Police officer confirmed dead in attack: Minister
** Updated toll: 4 killed, 20+ injured.
** Trevor Brooks, who media said to be the attacker, is still in jail according to BBC. He’s NOT the attacker.
** UK threat level will stay unchanged @ “severe”: PM.
** Palace security stepped up for the Queen amid atrocity
** Preliminary toll at this point after attack @ : 4 killed, 40 injured.
** Updated toll: 5 dead, 40 wounded. Note that the number of 5 includes the attacker! Scotland Yard says links to international terrorism.
** Police officer killed in the terror attack has been named as Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband, father & hero.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.39.12

** Among the injured are 5 South Korean nationals too.
** The vehicle was registered to in Sept 2016. Identity not released.
** Arrests made during a raid by armed police at an address in Birmingham linked to the , terror attack.
** – The raid took place on a flat above a take away restaurant on Hagley Road. Allegedly 3 arrests made.
** 6 addresses have now been searched and 7 arrests made in connection to yesterday’s terror attack.
** 7 of the people injured in the attack are still in a critical condition.
** Death toll revised – 1 police officer, 2 civilians (not 3), 1 attacker: police press conference.
** Terrorist was known to security services & born in the UK. Identity not released for sake of the investigation.
** The man had already been investigated by .
** The injured: – UK: 12 – France: 3 – South Korea: 4 – Greece: 2 – Romania: 2 – Poland: 1 – Ireland: 1 – China: 1 – Italy: 1 – USA: 1
** has claimed yesterday’s attack through Agency.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.47.03

** – 2nd police raid (in Winson Green) in connection to yesterday’s attack in , .
** Yesterday’s attacker has been named as Khalid Masood.
** A message has been found on , mentioning Westminster as a target, the night before the attack.
** The message on led to a pastebin page that had binary code, which then led to the coordinates.
** New victim of yesterday’s terror attack: a 75-year-old man has died after his life support was withdrawn: police.
** The attacker @ Westminster, previously identified as Khalid Masood, was born under the name Adrian Russell Ajao.
** 1  previously arrested person has been released, 2 new arrests overnight. 9 under arrest at this point.

  • – 1 Turkish soldier killed due to cross border firing from
  • – Secret service arrests suspected members
  • claims destroying a police vehicle in an IED attack, south of Cotabato.
  • – Federal police take hold of Mosul Old City’s passageways
  • – A device has exploded while officers were on patrol in the area of Townsend Street: police
    ** The attack reportedly happened around 8:30 pm GMT last night.
  • – Explosion reported, casualties feared
  • – Jihadists () fire 25 rockets at Russian airbase in southwest Latakia
  • – 2 terrorists killed in southeastern Turkey
  • – Police say arrested suspects behind deadly western Baghdad blast (44 killed)
  • – 4 killed and 18 injured in multiple bomb blasts in Maiduguri: police.
    ** Death toll now @ 7.
  • – 5 terrorists killed in Atman Khel encounter near Hangu.
    ** 2 Frontier Corps members were killed too, during the CT ops.
  • – At 7:58 am, exactly 1 year ago, the first suicide bomber of the detonated himself.

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