Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 23

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

  • – Auchan and cinema released after earlier possible bomb threat. Police will be investigating further on.
  • – Suspicious package near palace, in Birdcage Walk. Police are not releasing further details at this point.
    ** Suspicious package found @ Birdcage Walk not suspicious. Area released.
  • – Police searched the Al-Madina mosque. Local ministry has now forbidden the organization.
  • – Reinforce controls in crowded areas: MoI Minniti

  • BREAKING – Possible terrorist attack thwarted this morning.

** French vehicle discovered with a whole lot of “prohibited items” @ Sint-Michielskaai. Area sealed off.
** Antwerp mayor to give a statement in a short while.
** Bomb squad on scene. Weapons discovered. Investigation ongoing.
** Press conference with mayor Bart De Wever and chief of police Serge Muyters starts.
** 11 o’clock: Car @ high speed in pedestrian zone @ Meir. Car stopped near Schelde river.
** 1 under arrest. Man of North African origin. Extra military staff in Antwerp.
** Federal judicial police in charge of investigation. Heightened police and military presence as of now.
** Mayor ads “something possibly much worse” has been thwarted. No further statements.
** No injured reported.
** Man was stopped and arrested by an Antwerp Snel Respons Team (SRT), a local police unit installed by Antwerp mayor.
** Bomb squad near suspicious car that was stopped after high speed ramming attempt.
** Investigation conducted by CT department of federal judicial police.
** Antwerp mayor thanks soldiers, police and the SRT on behalf of all Antwerp citizens.
** Acc to preliminary info, the man is a French Tunisian. Weapons, military uniform, fuel discovered in car. 2b confirmed.
** Federal prosecutor confirms: at least some knives and shotgun seized. Man, French, was wearing camo clothing. Info: when the federal prosecutor is involved, it means it is a CT investigation.
** The man arrested is the 39-year-old Mohamed R.
** French president declares a French citizen “tried to kill” or “tried to create a dramatic event”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 23.11.44
Antwerp Meir, the pedestrian shopping street where the chase started

** Driver who was arrested earlier today, was possibly under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
** Police Antwerp: “keep calm and carry on”. They’re so right!
** Man arrested today is allegedly living in , and is Tunisian, with a residence permit for France
** Fiancée of Mohamed R., arrested in Antwerp, has now an APB on here name throughout Europe. Police want to question her.
** According to a neighbor of Mohamed R, the couple has been living in for 3 to 4 months now.
** French/Tunisian driver Mohamed R. charged with attempted ‘terrorist’ murder: Belgium prosecutors

  • – 2 arrested for communicating with “terrorist leaders” in & #Syria
    ** 1 of them already did 2 years in jail for spreading terrorist propaganda online. The other one is a returned FTF.
  • – 10 soldiers, incl 3 officers, killed in twin IED blast during a CT operation on a terrorist hideout.
    ** 15 terrorists have been killed and 7 arrested. 500 kg of TNT and other IEDs seized. Ops in Central .
  • – Anti-terror prosecutor opened investigation into , attack, due to the French victims.
  • – Canadian-Algerian man identified as a senior figure was arrested as he boarded a plane to EU
  • – Trial against 10 FTF has started.
  • captured district in Helmand province.
    ** have captured the district and police HQs and an army base. Heavy casualties reported.
  • – 1 soldier killed and 3 wounded in a attack with bazookas on the army’s 2nd Brigade Command.
  • – 9 policemen killed in insider attack in Koch-e-Qazaq.
  • – 2 Malaysians rescued from : military

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