Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 24

Overview of today’s terrorism news.

  • – Today’s terror alert at Sants might be related to . Coordinates on again. ()
  • – Shots fired near Porte d’Arras metro. 3 injured at this point. Motive and shooter unknown.
    ** Note that this is Lille South. High crime rate. Does not have to be terror related. Like I said: motive and shooter unknown
  • – 4 people remain in custody: 2 men from (27 & 58) & 1 woman (32) + 1 man (35) arrested in .
  • – Man accused of planning -inspired terror attack released on bail
  • Pro- media group al-Nusra al-Shinqitiyya warned that more IS attacks are to come in wake of the , attack.
  • – A veiled woman has threatened people with a knife when trying to enter a church. She’s under arrest.
  • – Terrorist turns himself in: MoD
  • claims the attack on a Russian military base, killing at least 6.
  • – Attacker dies in explosion near Dhaka airport
    ** The attack has now been claimed by , through agency.
  • – Somali pirates take over Somali vessel to use as mothership: police
  • – Bury College on lockdown. Large police presence. Students are tweeting there is a “code red”. Reason unknown at this point.
    ** Teachers and pupils are now being evacuated, 1 building at a time.
    ** Potential threat against the school was made on Twitter.
  • – Officers pull over a suspect. Ask him for his ID. He grabs a knife and attacks one of them. Ran over 2nd officer with car.
    ** 37-year-old suspect, Diallo Mamadou (Libyan national) was arrested by another police patrol.
  • – A powerful blast caused by a car bomb in front of the Nasa Hablod hotel in central Mogadishu
    ** VBIED was in front of a busy restaurant near Central Hotel.
    ** Preliminary toll: 5 injured.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-25 om 00.54.23

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.50.25

  • – Combing ops by army and security services: 12 suspected jihadists arrested, weapons seized.

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