Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 25

Overview of today’s terrorism news

  • – Armed police on scene of a vehicular incident in area. Car drove into crowd. Not yet known if accident, terror,…
    ** Essex Road closed in both directions. First elements indicate the incident is NOT terror related.
    ** Police statement: driver arrested. Investigation ongoing, not treated as terrorist related.
  • – Malian army attacked near birthplace of commander Mohamed Ould Nouini
    ** Preliminary toll: 3 soldiers killed and 4 injured.
  • – Restaurant owner fed between 300 and 500 emergency workers for free during
  • – Moroccan ex-police officer, staying in as a refugee, has been arrested in Germany
    ** The 63-year-old has confessed to planning coordinated truck attacks in Portugal, Germany and France on the same day.
  • – Police release a timeline, showing the was over after 82 seconds
  • – Communist rebels () to declare unilateral ceasefire before March ends
  • – Ongoing CT ops: 2 terrorists reportedly killed at Djebel El Ouahch, hunt for a 3rd one is on.
  • – Girlfriend of Mohamed R. (Mohamed Souioi Rebei) says her boyfriend is not a terrorist.
  • – A car bomb just exploded. Preliminary toll: 3 killed, 12 injured. Azaz is a rebel stronghold.
  • – Father hands over two sons to police for their suspected extremist link
  • – Road controls on low cost, international bus lines as a CT-measure
  • – 22 militants killed in drone strike
  • – Grenade attack. Preliminary toll: 4 killed, 15 wounded. 1 suspect in custody.
  • – 4 Egyptian soldiers killed when an IED hit their armored vehicle. No claims yet.
  • has claimed the drive-by shooting in which the secretary of Wadajir district & 3 bodyguards were killed.
  • – Attack on a checkpoint near Jalalabad city. Preliminary toll: 2 civilians + 2 police officers killed.
  • – 2nd suicide attack this week in Bangladesh. Preliminary toll: 2 killed, 40 wounded.
    ** Updated death toll: 3 killed.
  • in bombed an Azhari institute for the 2nd time
  • executes 3 hostages
  • – Afghan intelligence arrest 6 involved in major terrorist activities in
  • – Airport terminal 1 evacuated due to man with suspicious suitcase on the run after security check.
    ** Explosives dogs searched the airport and all passengers had to go through security checks again.
  • – 2 soldiers wounded, one of them amputated in IED blast in Jebel Chaambi.
  • – Senior terrorist eliminated in .
  • – Two charged with supplying arms to French airport attacker: judicial source – AFP
    ** The 2 charged are a 30-year-old male and a 43-year-old male.
  • – Syrian Army destroys 3 bases in Deraa, killing 20+ militants
  • Another short overview of a terrorist organization. Today: , or Asbat al Ansar, operational in .

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