Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 27

Overview of today’s terrorism news

  • – Spain is a potential target for jihadists: General Salas, top intelligence official
  •  – Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir calls for Muslims to be executed if they leave the religion.
  • – Police investigate possible terrorism links in Randburg bomb find
  • – Hammer attack @ Urquinaona. Police and EMS on scene. Motive and perpetrator unknown at this point.
    ** Area has been cleared. Number of victims unknown (blood @ scene), motive and attacker unknown.
    ** 1 wounded, not terror related.
  • – London terrorist linked to remote-controlled car bomb plot to blow up Army base
  • – Bomb threat on (tram) station Gare. Bomb squad on scene.
    ** Area cleared and released. False threat.
  • – 1 oil company contractor kidnapped, allegedly by terrorists.
  • – London attacker interested in jihad but no evidence of link: police

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.29.08

  • – Israeli CTB issued terror threat level 2 for Turkey, a high concrete threat. Avoid travel and leave ASAP.
  • – Israeli CTB raises terror threat level to 3 for Jordan. That’s the basic level concrete threat. Avoid to travel there.
  • raises Egypt Sinai threat level to 1 due to very high & concrete immediate threat posed by & other jihadi group
    **  – Threats are against tourist sites. Israelis advised not to travel there and to leave immediately. Areas outside Sinai to 3.
  • – Suspected bomber kills 5 soldiers in Yemen’s south
    ** Updated toll: At least 22 killed.
  • – Police believe Khalid Masood was driving up to 76mph (120 km/h) on Westminster Bridge where he killed three people
  • – Egyptian soldier shot dead, 8 militants killed in separate incidents in Sinai
  • kill three suspected of spying for Nigerian military
  • member injured, wife killed in explosion in western Mosul
  • insurgent admits beheading of civilians after joining peace
  • – Railway station evacuated due to suspicious package in the area.
    ** Bomb squad on scene.
    ** Area secured and reopened. False alert. It was a backpack that was left behind.
  • – Last three Malaysian hostages rescued from
  • – 23 arrested in connection to deadly Kabul military hospital attack
  • – CT ops by Kenyan army yesterday: 31 fighters killed, vehicles destroyed, weapons and other items seized.
  • – Soldier killed in attack
  • – Attempted stabbing attack. Attacker subdued, no injuries.
  • – Kerala ‘ module’ plotted to target Hindu leaders: Nabbed member to
  • – Wanted terrorist arrested in an ambush. Was sentenced to 1 year in prison in a terrorist case
  • – Reinforced security in the ports of and , due to a probable terrorist attack

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