Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 30

Overview of today’s terrorism news

  • More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents
  • execute Australian after father tries to flee the group
  • – New chief for the , colonel Phelip, has been presented by general Lizurey, the Director General of the Gendarmerie Nationale.
  • – Massive build-up of jihadist rebels in northern Latakia
  • bomb kills 3-year-old & injures 5-year-old
  • – Worrying: Quick withdrawals from many villages in and eastern . Could this be a way to regroup somewhere else?
  • – Jordan-backed ops in southern Syria against to prevent them from using borderlands as fallback bases
  • – Caught on video: forces civilians at gunpoint into line of fire
  • – Top German police official warns of extremist attacks
  • – 7 added to US terrorism list, including jailed British preacher
  • – Kenya arrests 3 alleged human traffickers for
  • – Radicalized teen charged over attempted mall attack
  • – Suspicious package in Compans-Caffarelli shopping mall. Mall and metro station Compans closed. Bomb squad on scene.
  • – 3 Kurds stabbed on their way to cast votes for Turkey’s constitutional referendum. 1 woman critical
    **  supporters stabbed the 3 on their way to the consulate. The woman was stabbed in the throat and is critical.
    ** Strange thing: instead of fleeing the scene, the assailants allegedly entered the Turkish consulate.
    ** Kurds are gathering outside the Turkish consulate after 3 were stabbed by supporters.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-30 om 19.25.18

  • – 3 dead in explosion: al Mayadeen.
  • – Airstrike leaves casualties among militants southwest of Kirkuk
  • – Gunmen attack militants houses
  • – 2 Syrians who fought for until 2014 tried for membership of a terrorist group
  • – Five and militants killed in shootout
  • – Police helicopter escorted a train to , in a CT operation.
    ** CT units had intel a potentially dangerous person wanted to travel to the UK. Suspect didn’t turn up.
  • – 4 injured in an attack against a military patrol
  • – 27 militants killed in Afghan commandos operations and airstrikes
  • – Tourists are warned to leave Sharm el-Sheikh immediately due to imminent threat
  • – Several mortar rounds fired at presidential palace.
    ** Preliminary toll: 2 wounded.
  • – 4 Kosovo nationals arrested. Were allegedly planning an attack on the bridge.
  • – Crude bomb attack on a polling station.
  • – Man arrested in possession of heavy weaponry. Background unknown at this point
  • – 11 and suspects detained in CT operation
  • – Bomb alert in a church. Police and bomb squad on scene.
  • – 52 injured as six bogies of Mahakaushal Express derail, suspect terror hand
  • Again another messaging #textnow app being promoted by .
  • militants suffer heavy casualties in airstrike
  • – Two terrorists killed
  • – Probable grenade discovered in the street. Bomb squad on scene. Area sealed off.
    ** The South Förstadsgatan has been closed for the time of the investigation.
    ** The device has been taken away by the bomb squad for further examination. Area reopened.
  • – Updated travel warning for due to threats from terrorist groups
  • – Fears grow of terror in With weaponized civilian drones

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