Terrorism Telegram Newsline – March 31

  • More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents
  •  – Knifeman injured 3 in attack on child care facility. Man arrested (not identified), motive unknown
  • – Ukrainian State Security Officer killed in car explosion
  • warning: Take extreme caution during flight ops, risk from extremist attacks involving anti-aircraft weapons.
    ** Weapons could MANPADS, anti-tank missiles, small arms, mortars & rockets targeting aircraft & airports.
  • leader rewards 4 fighters for downing 2 military helicopters and 2 MiG jets. 1 of the 4 is dead.
  • – 2 women sentenced for providing material support to in and
  • – Drone footage shows fighter using child as human shield
  • IED explosion. 2 civilians killed. IED was planted by before retreating.
  • – Pipe bomb found in Tamneymore Park

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 00.14.38

  • – More on yesterday’s attack @ TR consulate: assailant turns out to be ‘s man
  • – South Carolina man, Zakaryia Abdin, arrested for trying to join
  • rebels give up guns in disarmament camps
  • – Military desperately searching for ‘s : spokesman
  • – VBIED explosion targeting a checkpoint.
  • claims having destroyed an army vehicle.
  • was targeted by security services 4 months before his aborted attack in France in 2015
  • – Few signs of Canadian investigation into beheadings in Philippines
  • – Masked men in armored vehicle storm gate and target Dar al-Ifta in with gunfire
  • – “High-value” Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan () Sajna group terrorist killed in sec ops-
  • – Bomb explosion. Preliminary toll: At 5 killed and 40 wounded.
    ** Around 15 shops destroyed in the explosion.
    ** Updated toll: 11 killed, 100+ wounded: MP.
    ** Blast took place at 10.45 am local and has now been claimed by Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan ().
    ** The bomb was allegedly planted in a pick up truck parked outside the gate of Central Noor market.
    ** Death toll rises to 15. 15 of the wounded are in critical condition.
    ** -JA has stated it will come with another statement after having claimed the attack.
    ** Death toll rises to 22.
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 22 killed, 57 wounded
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 24 killed, 84 injured.
  • – Terror threats transform China’s Uighur heartland into security state

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