Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 3

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Larossi Abballa’s sister + an acquaintance arrested. Larossi = the terrorist who killed 2 officers in Magnanville
  • made its first video: What it tells us about the group’s goals in Iran
  • – 4 WHO staff kidnapped in an ambush. They were doing a polio vaccination campaign
  • – France issues a travel warning for the
  • claims to have seized a vehicle with a heavy duty machine gun in a raid west of .
  • – Several terror suspects expelled from Poland: MoI
  • – Pro- group releases ‘kill list’ of over 8,000 Americans
  • – Jihadists attack Russian embassy in Damascus

  • – Explosion hits Saint Petersburg metro, injuries reported: agencies
    ** An unidentified device exploded inside a train : RT
    ** Preliminary reports are mentioning at least 10 people killed, many more injured – misery scenes near the trains
    ** the preliminary number of injured has been set to at least 50
    ** The cause of the explosion is said to be an IED inside a train (IED = improvised explosive device)

    Schermafbeelding 2017-04-03 om 17.28.34
    ** 8 subway stations have been closed due to the blast
    ** Some reports are mentioning that sappers are dismantling another explosive device at Ploshchad Vosstaniya station
    ** Entire metro system shut down now. Preliminary toll: 10 killed, 50+ wounded.
    ** Early intel says 2 nail bombs have been used. To be confirmed.
    ** This poster is being widely spread by fans at the moment. Poster was created a few weeks ago

    Schermafbeelding 2017-04-03 om 17.34.10

    ** Reuters reports that the explosion happened in between 2 subway stations
    ** Confirmation that an unexploded bomb was found at a second metro station: Interfax
    ** Russia is tightening its security measures at airports.
    ** The number of wounded has been decreased to 25 (down from 50). No change in the number of killed passengers.
    ** Recap : 9 dead, 25 hospitalized , second nail bomb defused by Russian sappers, all metro stations closed
    ** Facebook has activated the “I AM SAFE” page for the explosion in the subway
    ** Attack was possibly announce on Instagram, 6 hours before it actually happened.
    ** Metro cameras captured the alleged organizer of the explosion: Interfax
    ** The explosion occurred between the stations, but the driver made the right decision not to stop the train.
    ** Updated toll: 10 dead, 47 injured: health ministry.
    ** This photo is now being spread by police. Possible suspect of the bombing.

    Schermafbeelding 2017-04-03 om 17.40.42

    ** A 3-day mourning has been declared
    ** French consulate’s emergency phone number has been changed a few minutes ago. New number: +7 495 937 1491
    ** Criminal investigation opened for “terrorist act”
    ** Reinforced security on public transportation system after , attack
    ** 2 search warrants issued over the metro attack
    ** Death toll rises to 11
    ** Second suspect identified
    ** The device that was defused was carrying around 2.2 pounds of explosives
    ** The first suspect from the picture identified himself to the authorities and played NO role in the attack
    ** Russian authorities have identified a young person from Central Asia as a suspect: Interfax
    ** The suspect allegedly is a 23-year-old male from Central Asia: Interfax
    ** 45 are in hospital. 4 of them are still in a critical condition, most of them with barotrauma.
    ** The suspect of the attack is a 1995-born national from Kyrgyzstan, Akbarjon Djalilov
    ** Updated travel advice for Germans visiting and
    ** Death toll of yesterday’s metro bombing rises to 14: health ministry
    ** Sennaya Ploshchad metro station has been closed after an anonymous phone call warned of another possible attack.
    ** Sennaya Ploshchad metro station has been closed after an anonymous phone call warned of another possible attack.
    ** DNA traces of Akbarjon Djalilov have now also been found on the 2nd, defused, bomb

  • – 4 Islamist terrorists convicted for planning an attack on the railway station
  • vows to invade Cameroon, behead President Biya
  • – Gunmen attack CRPF convoy in Srinagar, three personnel injured
  • fighters have captured the town of El-Bur.
  • – 4 Afghan intelligence agents killed in attack
  • – 8 injured when an explosive device was thrown at the Sultan Kudarat Electric Cooperative.
  • – 8 members killed in an air raid
  • – Notes on how to make a lethal pipe bomb were found in a prison cell.
  • – Police foil terrorist attack. 1 kilo of explosives seized.
  • – Dutch army sergeant Ahmed M. who went to fight with has been added to the Dutch terror list
  • – 20 bodies of women and children killed by found south of Mosul
  • – Dog saves wedding guests from suicide bomber
  • – Report: 3 Palestinians hurt in blast at position in southern
  • – 1 civilian killed and 4 injured in an IED explosion
  • – An Indian commercial ship has been hijacked by pirates, off the Somali coast: former anti-piracy official.
    ** 11 crew members are on board. The ship is now headed for the coast.
    ** The pirates who hijacked the ship have demanded a ” ransom”.
    ** This is the second piracy in only 2 weeks
  •   – 5,022 people were killed and 5,452 injured in 3,038 terrorist and rebel attacks in 2017 so far. – ICD
  • – 2 police officers injured in a bomb attack in Mezitli district.
  • terrorist en route to on an American passport arrested

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