Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 4

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • spokesman Abu Hassan Al Muhajir urges IS supporters to carry out attacks against the USA, Europe and Russia
  • pounds hideout in Kandahar, killing 30
  • – ‘Unidentified substance’ sent to Israeli PM’s office
  • – Dozens of militants killed in airstrikes west of Mosul
  • claims having taken down an Iraqi army drone, west of
  • – A senior Russian commander, Abu Muhajir Al-Rusi, was killed together with 6 of his guards in shelling by the Iraqi army
  • – Afghan intelligence foil suicide attack plotted by network in Paktika
  • installed a flag with an IED, with high destructive power
  • – 18 suicide bombers and 8 Pakistanis killed in South of Afghanistan
  • – Army says they have arrested a Chechen man, carrying explosives on Syrian border

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-01 om 18.19.00

  • – Up to April 3, 2017 there were 3,053 terrorist and rebel attacks, killing 5,071 people and wounding another 5,511 – ICD
  • – Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis terror group getting training in Ain el-Hilweh camp
  • claims having killed 4 federal police officers in the Bab Al-Baidh area
  • – Alleged Islamist militants opened fire at police, killing 2 policemen
  • – Death toll of yesterday’s metro bombing rises to 14: health ministry
  • – 3 soldiers killed, 5 injured in mine explosion
  • – Reports emerging of a chemical attack on rebel-hold Khan Shaikhoun
  • – Updated travel advice for Germans visiting and
  • – 2 children (13 and 14) killed in an IED explosion.
  • resodent pleads guilty to attempting to provide material support to terrorists

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