Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 6

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • and bust terror plots
  • – Basque separatist/terrorist group ‘will fully disarm on Saturday’
  • – Terrorist threat triggers extra security at PM’s residence
  • – New threats on Telegram, pointing to the residence of Catalan president, Casa dels Canonges, adjacent to gov palace
  • – Nordic Network against radicalization is established
  • – Mock explosive device found in -bound suitcase at Toronto airport
  • – ‘Jihadi drones’: national security coordinator warns of new threat
  • claims its snipers have killed 4 Egyptian soldiers in North

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-07 om 02.00.07

  • – Eight held over Saint Petersburg metro bombing: Russian investigators
  • – German court sentences 23-year-old to five years for membership
  • group claims police killings in southern Russia
  • executes 7 civilians & abducts dozens to use them as human shields
  • confirms death of American media maven, “Most Wanted Terrorist”
  • – landmine blast hits a mini bus carrying 21 people, killing all the passengers
  • – Man accused of plotting terror knife attack appears in court alongside his sister
  • presents alleged members nabbed in Taguig
  • – President declares state of war and offers amnesty of 60 days for fighters to surrender
  • – Two Iraqi pilots killed when helicopter shot down over Mosul by
  • – New explosion reported, 700 meters away from where an IED was defused this morning. Building partially came down.
    ** No casualties reported so far. Explosion might be due to construction works
    ** Building evacuated
    ** Explosion not terror related, but due to civil construction works
  • – Senior leader arrested in North of Afghanistan
  • – 2 suspected Islamist militants arrested in Manila
  • – Investigators identify Central Asians who had contacts with subway blast suspect
  • – French soldier killed in ‘clash with terrorists’
  • – “Boerentoren”, KBC bank’s HQ, completely evacuated due to bomb threat
    ** False threat. Building and area released
  • – Police constable shot dead in Uttar Pradesh
  • – Explosive device defused in apartment complex
  • arrests terrorist belonging to banned outfit
  • announces public execution of multiple of people to be hung to death in for collaboration with Israel. (Hatzolah)

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-06 om 12.51.58

  • : Salafists are intimidating moderate Muslims. Jihadi threat increasing
  • – Car ramming: 1 killed & 2 injured by a Palestinian who drove his car into soldiers at the Ofra interchange, Route 60
    ** Terrorist shot and arrested
  • – Women responsible for 25 % of terrorist cases, against 4 % in “normal” criminal cases
  • – 1 wounded in IED explosion
  • – 8 terrorists killed in airstrikes after drone identified their location
  • – Iraqi forces control 90% of western Mosul : top commander
  • – Australia warns of terror threat
  • – Results of counterterrorism ops in March (El Djeich)
  • – 24 arrested in overnight West Bank raids

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