Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 7

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Starting Monday, a large scale anti-terror training operation will be held by the
  • – Mass stabbing in LA – multiple people injured and person shot
  • – Basque separatist group says it has handed over weapons to “civil society” in France
  • – Armed police to be deployed at airport
  • – Norwegian police officers, usually unarmed, are now allowed to be armed in some major cities, after the attack in .

– Van drives into crowd in Stockholm, people injured
** Current situation in the shopping area. Not yet known if the event is accidental or terror related
** Scene where the truck came to a stop

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-07 om 19.31.51

** Preliminary reports: 3 killed
** According to a reporter on scene, a police car is driving around the area, saying “beware of terrorism”
** People were seen fleeing the scene. Truck allegedly on fire
** Smoke seen rising from the shopping mall where the truck came to a stop
** Police are now treating the incident as a possible terror attack
** Shots reported in a 2nd incident. To be confirmed.
** 1 chaos: people fleeing the scene, smoke, reports of a 2nd incident
** Swedish PM Lofven says everything indicates truck crashing into department store is “a terror attack”
** Shots were reported @ Fridhemsplan. Although the situation is unclear, shops are closing
** Police ask population to stay at home and indoors
** PM Lofven: 1 suspect arrested
** Current situation: 2 confirmed dead, many more injured. 1 dog dead
** Facebook has now opened the I AM SAFE page for those people willing to inform relatives and friends
** The truck had been hijacked at the Soap Bar earlier today and is owned by the Spendrups company
** Train traffic out of the airport has been halted
** A source in the Sveavägen indicates he could hear shots being fired up until about 10 minutes ago
** Updated preliminary toll: 2 killed, 8 injured. 1 dog killed
** All train and metro traffic halted
** Updated preliminary toll: 3 killed, 8 injured. 1 dog killed
** Central railway station is being evacuated
** UNCONFIRMED: 3 armed men jumped out of the truck and starred shooting: Expressen
** Mobile phone networks are getting saturated. Please use messaging apps and other online services. It helps urgent crisis communication of police, EMS and other officials
** Press conference announced for 5.15 pm local.
** Smoke rising at the scene where the truck came to a stop
** Contrary to earlier statement by PM, police deny someone was arrested.
** Manhunt on for Stockholm truck attack suspect who is thought to have run away towards subway station
** Police have some locations under surveillance while intelligence services are focusing on collecting intel
** According to police 2 people are being questioned in relation to the truck attack
** 1 arrested in Märsta. Claims the attack
** Latest figures: – 15 wounded – 1 dead in hospital – unclear how many died on scene – 1 dog dead
** Police say the person arrested in connection with truck ramming resembles man shown in wanted photo released earlier
** Sweden strengthens border controls after truck attack: PM
** SAPO (Swedish intelligence) warned over the difficulties in detecting terrorists who act alone or in pairs
** The suspect, allegedly a 39-year-old male from , was hiding among commuters. Still according to the article, the man expressed his sympathy for on his Facebook profile
** Broadcaster SVT says a 2nd man who is connected to the other detainee has been detained. Police do not want to comment
** 6 of the 15 injured in yesterday’s terror attack have left hospital meanwhile
** Swedish state media (citing anonymous police sources) say a plastic bag with an explosive device was found in the truck
** Investigators are still looking for accomplices. 1 suspect charged with terrorist crimes
** New press conference Saturday @ 1.30 pm local. Live on Facebook.
** Suspect device found in Stockholm attack truck: Swedish police
Saturday news
** Suspect device found in Stockholm attack truck: Swedish police
** Police confirm yesterday’s attacker is a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan
** The attacker was known to security services. Police do not exclude more accomplices are still free
** Ongoing police operation in the city and the outskirts. Several arrests made
** 3 more arrests were made. The car they were found in, was allegedly linked to the Uzbek terrorist
** Lawyer of 39-year-old suspect: “Will treat this as any other case”
Sunday news
** The suspect of Friday’s terror attack has been named as Rakhmat Akilov.
** According to Swedish media, Friday’s attacker has confessed and “is pleased with his actions”

  • – Jama’at Nusrat ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin claims a double operation resulting in the death of one French soldier
  • storm terrorist’s family’s home
  • – Police and set up a fake courier firm for extremist sting
  • – Romanian tourist, 31, who fell off Bridge during terror attack dies in hospital
  • – Terrorist who stabbed a woman in Lod is indicted
  • (through ) claims 80 suicide bombings in Iraq and 22 in Syria in March 2017

military fires 50+ cruise missiles against Syrian targets: NBC

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-07 om 20.19.18

** Tomahawk cruise missiles targeted the airfield in . Used by Russian planes to refuel
** President to give statement “shortly”
** 57 launched from 2 US Navy destroyers
**  officials believe they have put Syrian jets at Al-Shayrat airbase ‘out of commission’
** Possible side effect: Grounding Syrian AF could lead to successful offensives in , , , ,…
** President says the strike on Syria is in the ‘vital national security interest’ of the United States
** Syrian state TV calls US military missile strikes an act of aggression
**  launches offensive after pounds Syrian military base

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