Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 9

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Mosul governor survives assassination attempt
  • – Soldier killed, 3 injured in attack by renegades
  • – Huw Edwards and Kay Burley found on a ‘kill list’ on jihadi website
  • – Sisi declares three-month state of emergency.
  • comes with a conspiracy theory accusing the Egyptian govt of orchestrating or facilitating attacks on churches
  • – Liwaa al-Thuwrah condemns the church bombings, but points finger at Sisi regime too
  • – In their statement, warns of more bombings to come
  • – Former Arab Knesset member Bassel Ghattas to serve 2 years for smuggling phones to Palestinian terrorist prisoners. (Hatzolah)
  • – Senior terrorists among 7 killed in southeastern Turkey
  • – President el-Sisi issues decree ordering armed forces to help police in securing vital facilities in the country
  • – The man arrested after an explosive device was discovered yesterday, is a 17-year-old Russian citizen
  • – Norway raises threat level after Oslo bomb scare
  • – 2 mortar shells fall and 2 IEDs explode
  • – Remembrance gathering for the victims of Friday’s terror attack. Impressive
  • – Five dead in jihadist attack (probably )
  • – 2nd man arrested on suspicion of terrorist murder

– Explosion near Alexandria church: Egypt state media
** St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, where Pope Tawadros II led Palm Sunday prayer was the target
** Preliminary toll: 1 killed
** Updated preliminary toll: 2 killed, 21 injured
** Updated preliminary toll: 6 killed, 33 injured
** This Egyptian cop prevented the suicide bomber from entering the cathedral. He died. Toll could have been much higher

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-09 om 14.14.21
** The man has been named as Colonel Emad Rikaebi
** Updated preliminary toll: 6 killed, 66 injured
** Reports of a 2nd explosion in Alexandria, in Martyrs Street, about 200 meters away from the Coptic Cathedral
** Death toll @ Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral rises to 11
** Current preliminary toll: 11 killed, 35 injured
** IED discovered in another church. Bomb squad on scene to dismantle it
**  has claimed today’s church bombings through ** Attack @ Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral: Death toll rises to 13, with 40 wounded
** IS claim : Note the text states “an squad”. That could explain the other unexploded IEDs in a mosque and a 3rd church
** 2 police officers died protecting people who were praying inside the cathedral
** Recap of the day so far: – Bombing: 13 killed, 33 injured – Attempted bombing: IED defused in another church
** Not 2 but 3 Egyptian police officers died preventing suicide bomber from entering Alexandria cathedral
** Egyptian president El-Sisi declares a national mourning in for three days
** The attacker is named as Abu Bara al-Misri

  • –  another IED defused near mosque
  • – Identified victims confirmed dead: – 1 British national – 2 Swedish nationals – 1 Belgian national
  • – A U.S. soldier was killed in a stronghold in the eastern part of the country
  • – Loud explosion heard near Ministry of Defense
    ** Preliminary toll: 4 killed
    ** 9 killed. Army commander in chief survived the attack
    ** Updated toll: 10 killed. has claimed the attack
  • invasion: 4 killed

– IED explosion @ St. George church 
** Casualties feared
** Preliminary reports talk about 5 dead
** Unconfirmed preliminary toll: 5 killed, 42 wounded.
** The attack comes after an threat to attack Christians in Egypt and after an earlier bomb was defused there in March

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-09 om 17.54.32

** Updated preliminary toll: 13 killed, 42 injured
** Government official confirms 13 killed and 31 injured so far. Toll could still rise
** Local media now reporting 15 dead and 47 injured
** Death toll rises to 21: Ministry of Health official
** Blood donors needed at university hospital and the American hospital
** Updated preliminary toll according to local media: 25 killed, 71 injured
** Too early to be 100 % sure, but the attack looks like an attack
** We went through archives and already in their 7th issue, they were targeting Copts
**  has claimed today’s church bombings through
** Updated toll: 27 killed, 78 injured
** Head of security directorate removed from post after today’s church blast
** Recap of the day so far: – Bombing: 31 killed, 78 injured – Attempted bombing: 1 IED defused in mosque
** Egyptian president El-Sisi declares a national mourning in for three days
** The attacker is named as Abu Isaaq al-Misri

  • – 1 of the deceased victims in Friday’s , attack is a Belgian national: Belgian FM
  • – Donbas militants attack Ukraine 18 times on April 8
  • – Somali pirates suspected of hijacking -flagged ship
  • – 36 militants killed, 21 hideouts destroyed in ops in Turkey’s southeast

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