Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 11

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Suspicious luggage in terminal 4 of the Adolfo Suárez- Barajas airport. Evacuation
    ** False alert.

– Explosives thrown in front of football team’s players bus
** Police are investigating whether it was a targeted attack
** 1 confirmed injured
** Injured football player is not in danger. Has suffered from shattered glass due to the explosion
** Focus reports there were 3 explosive charges. To be confirmed
** Play put off until 8.30 pm local. Decision to be made then, whether the match is on or not

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-11 om 23.49.59
** Police confirm 3 explosions
** Match has been cancelled. Will be played tomorrow at 6.45 pm local
** Police say there is no proof of a terrorist attack @ this point. – Reports coming of drones looking for more explosives
** Police say the attack on the players bus was carried out with explosives which “should be taken serious”
** Police found another “suspicious item” but do not want to say what it is
** Police press conference: attack was apparently specifically aimed at the players bus
** Prosecutor’s office states a letter was found near the blast site. Investigation to find out whether it’s real
* Police say explosives were detonated by a mobile phone. Found a letter with a claim, but will not reveal details
* Police announce a large police deployment during tomorrow’s game
Wednesday news
** Officer who was escorting the players bus on his motorbike, was injured in the explosion
** Letter found @ site of the explosions mentions the Berlin Christmas market attack & Germany’s anti-IS role
** Federal prosecutor is taking over the investigation into last night’s explosion
** Dortmund player  sustained more severe injuries than what was believed until now
** 1 arrest made in explosion investigation, acc to The Local
** Dortmund attack assumed to be terrorism: prosecutor
** House of the suspect is being searched at this point
** Prosecutor still talking about a possible Islamist link
** In total there are 2 suspects, 1 has been detained
** Prosecutor doubts the leftist claim posted on Indymedia is real
** The arrested individual is a 25-year-old male, who was caught at his place in . He is an Iraqi and has islamist ties

  • issued a travel warning for the and . Going -> don’t go. Already there -> leave now
  •  – claims its snipers have killed 3 Egyptian soldiers, south of El-Arish.
  • – Magnetic bomb, attached to a govt vehicle, exploded in PD5.
  • – Two terrorists executed in Sahiwal prison: ISPR
  • – Explosion heard in PD 2
  • – Spain and France work together to reinforce security on the Camino de Santiago pilgrims route
  • – Security forces dismantled a terrorist cell, composed of 8 female students
  • – parliament approves three-month state of emergency after Sunday ISIS terror attacks
  • – Six ISIS suspects detained in Adana
  • – two Russian soldiers acting as military instructors to government troops in Syria had been killed by rebel forces
  • – Suspicious situation @ NRC newspaper. Bomb squad en route
    ** Building evacuated after unknown person left his car in private parking lot and ran off
    ** Nothing suspicious found, area cleared and reopened
  • – Syrian teen sentenced to 2-years’ jail for planning attack
  • – Copenhagen ‘extremely well prepared’ for terror threat: mayor
  • network’s coordinated suicide attacks plot foiled by Afghan forces
  • now controls less than seven percent of Iraq
  • – 13 militants killed during Hamza operations in East of Afghanistan
  • – Suicide bomber was known to intelligence services. He had been deported from due to his links with
  • losses since the start of Mosul ops on Oct 17, 2016, shown on an infographic by the Iraqi Joint Operations forces

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-11 om 11.08.16

  • – Stockholm truck attack suspect Rakhmat “admits terrorist crime”: lawyer Johan Eriksson tells court
  • – 4 children killed, 7 wounded in an explosion in Kunduz province

– Explosion near riot police HQ in Turkey’s Kurdish majority Diyarbakir
** Casualties unknown at this point. Emergency crews on scene
** Preliminary toll of explosion near riot police HQ in Bağlar district: 4 wounded
** Looks like the explosion was not a terrorist attack, but happened during the repair of a tank inside the police HQ

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-11 om 11.04.15

** accident confirmed by Minister of Interior
Wednesday news
** explosion was a terrorist attack after all
** 2 killed and 12 injured: ministry

  • – 2 suspected members arrested at the airport
  • – Judge refuses terror suspect’s request for Sunni Muslim lawyer
  • designs terror inspired ‘Snakes and Ladders’
  • – IED explosion. Only material damage reported so far
  • – Tight security measures taken at metro, railway stations

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