Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 13

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – At least 5 shot in Westlake MARTA station. Station evacuated
    ** Shooter arrested. Motive unclear at this point. – 4 injured
  • – US judge deems mentally ill man fit for trial in terror case
  • – Gas cylinder found outside the Russian embassy. Bomb squad on scene
    ** Area cleared and released
  • – 60-year-old man stabbed to death. Motive unknown at this point.
    ** Murder investigation opened. Probably not terror related
  • – 2 suicide bombers detonate themselves near a military checkpoint
  • – Explosion outside a library near a metro station. 1 teenager wounded. CT police investigating.
    ** Police are investigating whether the injured teenager is the perpetrator himself
  • – Egypt says suicide bomber who attacked Coptic Church in Tanta has been identified: AFP. The man has been named as Mamdouh Amin Mohamed Baghdadi, a resident of Qena, south of Cairo.
  • – 1 cadet of the military academy, Vadim Ossipov, was arrested on suspicion of being an “accomplice to terrorism”
  • drops largest non-nuclear bomb in arsenal against fighters: Pentagon
  • – 2nd man who was arrested in connection with attack on Dortmund players bus has been released. He’s not involved
  • – 17-year-old woman charged with terrorism offences
  • – Jakarta police to anticipate terrorist attacks
  • – Police issue alert on terror attack in Kenya
  • – 1 militant arrested
  • – 12 terrorists have been arrested in 24 hours
  • – Panic among in Kunduz after the death of Mullah Abdul Salam
  • claims 2 IED attacks on forces
  • arrests workers @ western Mosul blood banks
  • – No proof Iraqi national Abdul Beset A was involved in attack on Dortmund players bus. He is under arrest though on suspicion of being a member of in .
  • – Knife attack on 2 police officers not considered terrorism any longer
  • commander among 11 killed in security forces ambush
  • – 2 Illinois men charged with conspiring to aid

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