Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 14

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Terrorist threat @ presidential candidate ‘s meeting. Important security operation
  • – Terror suspect Joseph Jakubowski captured in western
  • – New letter claiming the bus attack was found. It announces a new attack on April 22 in
  • – A 25-year-old Russian with Chechen roots has been extradited to .
    ** French intelligence services believe he left France in 2014 to go and fight with in Syria
    ** He was a refugee in France, together with his family, since 2006
  • – 3 suspected accomplices of a salafist terrorist arrested. Planned to attack police officers
  • claims none of its fighters were killed by the US MOAB in Nangarhar
  • – Explosion reported. Preliminary toll: 2 killed
    ** The 2 killed soldiers were conducting road checks when an IED exploded
  • – Ethiopia’s Liyu Police commit war crimes under banner of ‘War on Terror’
  • gets its funds through petty crime: EUISS
  • – Heightened threat levels detected for the Easter weekend. Please be vigilant. Happy Easter everyone!

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-14 om 20.31.15

  • – 3 arrested after threatening Catholics, while shouting “allah Akbar”, “long live ” and …
  • – State Department terrorist designations of Tarek Sakr and Farah Mohamed Shirdon
  • – Stabbing attack near Tzahal square. 1 woman critically injured. Police on scene. Heightened security in the area
    ** The victim, a 25-year-old British woman, has now died
    ** The terrorist, from Rasel Amud, was arrested on scene: police
  • – Police detain 5 suspects planning “sensational” attack before April 16 referendum
  • – CTD arrests 1 terrorist, suicide vest recovered
  • – West ‘warned’ about Stockholm truck attack suspect Rakhmat

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