Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 20

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  • – Bulgaria detains five Germans with alleged militant links. They were probably traveling to
  • Interesting read by , published by . ISBN: 978-0-300-22149-7

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– Forum des Halles blocked by police. Situation unclear
** RER train suspended, it hit something in the tunnel. That’s the only thing we can see at this point, despite some tweets
** Rue de Rivoli sealed off due to a suspicious package.
** Metro line 1 currently doesn’t stop @ Louvre-Rivoli
** Metro station has been opened again
** AVOID Champs Élysées area. (Multiple people reporting shots fired.)
** 2 police officers heavily injured
** 1 male shot in retaliatory police firing
** Ongoing security operation @ Champs Élysées. Avoid the area and follow police orders!
** 1 officer injured & 1 killed: Reuters
** Police are now talking about a possible terrorist attack @ Avenue des Champs Élysées.
** Heavily armed police on scene, helicopter in the air, area sealed off
** Police are now talking about a possible terrorist attack @ Avenue des Champs Élysées
** Heavily armed police on scene, helicopter in the air, area sealed off
** Confirmed: 1 police officer killed along with attacker in shooting @ Avenue des Champs Élysées: police
** A man came out of a car and opened fire on a police vehicle @ Avenue des Champs Élysées: MoI spox

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** Same spokesperson also says there was only 1 assailant
** Too early to say what motive of shooting @ Avenue des Champs Élysées was: Ministry of Interior.
** Anti-terror prosecutor to lead the investigation into Champs Élysées shooting
** Still more and more Gendarmerie units arriving @ Champs Élysées
** Bomb squad on scene to investigate the assailant’s vehicle
** French police raid home of gunman in east of Paris following killing of 2 police officers @ Avenue des Champs Élysées
** French MoI says second police officer is not dead despite prior reports, two police officers are seriously wounded
** Police issue arrest warrant for 2nd suspect in Paris shooting who arrived from Belgium by train: Reuters. (To be confirmed)
** Forensic investigation ongoing @ Champs Élysées
** Crisis meeting with the French president after the shooting @ Champs Élysées
** President Hollande says all services are convinced the shooting @ Champs Élysées is a terrorist attack
** A tourist was also mildly injured in the attack @ Champs Élysées
**  has claimed attack @ Champs Élysées through Amaq agency. Attacker’s name: Abu Yousef al-Belgiki
** Earlier on, there were rumors of police looking for Youssouf El Osri, dob June 17, 1981. Not sure if same person
** Note that this claim comes very short after the attack. Usually suggests close ties and coordination
** The suspect, a French national, has been charged, in 2001, with double attempted murder of police officers
** Real name of attacker is Karim Cheurfi, originally from Livry-Gargan
** Update on victims – Police officers: 1 dead, 1 severely injured & 1 mildly injured. 1 tourist lightly injured
** Investigators are trying to establish whether the attacker had accomplices: Prosecutor Fr. Molins
** The severely injured officer is no longer in a life threatening condition: MoI.
Friday news
** Anti-terror prosecutor: investigation for assassination & attempted assassination of a person, custodian of public authority
** Belgian man, of whom media said was behind the attack, is at his working place in
** Earlier tonight, French journalist came up with his name. Seems El Osri is just working right now @ Total in Antwerp
** The attacker’s car has now been towed away.
** French police got an Interpol notification on a Belgian suspect: minister
** ote that if it is the same as yesterday’s one, the guy was allegedly @ his working spot in ,
** No link between Belgium and attack @ at this point: prosecutor
** 3 people of the attacker’s entourage are being questioned. All taken from houses searched overnight
** In the attacker’s car, a handwritten note was found with the address of domestic intelligence: BFM
** Note backing Islamic State found near shooter: probe source (AFP)
** Investigators know of 8 people having the kunya Abu Yusuf al-Bel­gi­ki. So did confuse the attack with another (future) project? Something else? Not known at this point
** Police officer Xavier Jugele killed by gunman was at during previous massacre
** The killed French police officer got 2 shots in the head
** attacker Karim Cheurfi had a preliminary CT-investigation opened against him, already on March 9, 2017
** Cheurfi has received 5 convictions since 2005, was not “fiché S” and wasn’t detected in prison as being radicalized
**  continues it’s online incitement against France. They are proud of the timing & say that what is to come will be worse
Saturday News
** the three acquaintances of the attacker arrested earlier have been released

  • – British police given ‘aggressive’ orders to shoot terrorists using vehicles as weapons
  • – Reports of planning for a potential terrorist attack @ Benazir Bhutto International Airport
  • Lone-actor vs. Remote-Controlled Jihadi Terrorism: Rethinking the Threat to the West
  • – Pirates kidnap eight crew from tug off Nigeria

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