Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 24

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • ‘s CEO steps down after inquiry found that staff paid off armed groups in
  • – 18,000 police officers killed in past 15 years
  • – 17-year-old Afghan male charged with murder and being an ex- member
  • – Two people reportedly shot at Dallas office building
  • – At least 8 children injured in school blast
    ** 1 person was apparently killed too. The explosion occurred on school grounds in the village of Agvali Tsumandinskogo.
    ** The explosion occurred in a classroom. Intermediate toll : 1 child killed, 11 children injured.
    ** Although Dagestan is regularly targeted by , too early to say terror related or not
    ** A juvenile did throw a grenade into a computer classroom
    ** 11 injured, of whom 3 are in a critical condition. 1 killed. Probably not terror related
  • – Landmine explosion kills 2 soldiers and injures 5

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-24 om 14.46.52

  • – Maoist rebels kill 12 police in central India
    ** Death toll @ 12 and 6 injured
  • – Bomb attack hits base in eastern Afghanistan
  • – BLF bomb kills four and wounds 3 soldiers
  • – Israel security forces arrest Palestinians linked to violent attacks
  • – 2017 so far: 8,000 killed and 6,342 wounded in 3,527 terrorist and rebel attacks. – ICD
  • – Two female suicide bombers shot dead, one blows self up
  • – PNP Chief: Police officer romantically linked to member is arrested
  • – 3 suspects arrested over the weekend. Were planning attacks against “sensitive locations” + key security officials
  • – New arrest in connection to Stockholm terror attack. No details released (yet)
  • is extra vigilant for specific threats against European Commission, ECB and IMF
  • -linked group beheads ex-Moro rebel
  • – Man bombs himself into hospital in his own laboratory. Terror attack avoided?
  • – [VERY GRAPHIC IMAGE] – commander Abu Maria (Abdallah Haftar Dabbashi) announced dead
  • – Pirate attack foiled: An attempted hijacking by Somali pirates caught on camera
  • – Female Israeli soldier injured in stabbing attack
  • – Israeli man wounded in Palestinian stabbing attack at Kalandiya checkpoint earlier this morning. Female terrorist shot and wounded

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