Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 26

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

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  • to unveil revised charter on May 1
  • – 20 terrorists detected applying for Australian travel visas
  • – 12 members of terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad () arrested by the
  • – Belgian national pronounced military leader in Deir Ez-Zor. His kunya: Abu Muqatil Al-Belgiki.
  • – US-led coalition acknowledges presence of terrorists in northern Syria
  • – The says it dismantled an cell on the Sakhalin Island. Cell was allegedly planning a huge attack
  • – Visit of Belgian Ministers & and State Secretary . Declaration of intent on counter-terrorism
  • claims having killed 40 members of the tribe in a suicide bombing near Rafah
  • claims having killed 6 rebel fighters in a raid in East Qalamoun
  • – Anti-terror security at Dublin Airport scaled back: Just three armed officers on duty
  • – Facebook, Twitter and other social media banned
  • – Explosion inside a van: 7 injured. Police on scene, investigating the possibility of a makeshift bomb
  • – 20 killed in clashes in Kasai region: UN
  • – Student accused of planting bomb on London Tube train in October last year
  • – Multiple bomb blasts kill 5 and injure 11
  • – Attempted stabbing attack. Assailant shot
  • claims 3 suicide bombings against , south of
  • – US to deport Palestinian terrorist over immigration fraud
  • – Spanish police believe the suspects arrested yesterday were preparing an attack in Barcelona
    ** 1 of the suspects visited a concert of the Eagles of Death Metal () in the Apolo venue in Barcelona
  • – Parcel found in a school yesterday, was not a bomb after all, but was placed to cause panic
  • – 28 militants killed in Afghanistan
  • IED expert arrested in Uttara
  • – Ongoing CT operation. Already 4 under arrest. Not linked to thwarted attack in , nor attack
    **  – The 4 are allegedly suspected of doing research to buy weapons
  • – 10 new arrests in connection to attacks. Some of them suspected of having sold weapons to Coulibaly
  • – 4 soldiers killed in 2 separate attacks in Şırnak & Kars provinces

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