Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 27

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – 2 CT-ops: woman shot in and 4 under arrest in
  • – New Sinai statement warning tribe from getting more involved in war & telling civilians to avoid militants’ areas
  • – CT-ops: Congolese national arrested, allegedly belonging to the , terror cell
    ** He was in contact with Anis , the Christmas market attacker
    ** Police believe he is radicalized and that he was prepared to commit “violent acts”
  • – al-Wa’d, a pro- media group, threatens to attack France in between the 2 rounds of the presidential elections
  • – 2 of the suspects arrested on Tuesday admit they were @ Brussels Airport the day of , deny involvement.
  • – Army killed & wounded a number of jihadists + destroyed 2 IEDs
  • warns all police officers for terrorist attacks
    ** Police also found an employee of a fast food restaurant wanted to poison the officers visiting the restaurant
  • – Man and woman arrested on suspicion of terrorism activity
  • – 2 water company officials kidnapped
    ** The 2 officials have been found
  • – Radd-ul-Fasaad: Five terrorists linked to banned outfits killed in
  • – ‘Wanted dead or alive’: Philippine President offers reward for every terrorist captured
  • – Taliban leader supervising suicide attacks killed in Wardak
  • – At least 9 YPG fighters lost their lives in latest Turkish artillery bombardment on “TalAbyad”
  • – Shots fired by police in a hospital. 1 injured. Reason unclear.
    ** German local media say police had to shoot the man in the leg when he tried to attack them
    ** The suspect threatened to attack a police officer, was summoned to stand down. Didn’t do so and was shot in the leg
  • – Two US troops killed fighting in Afghanistan: Pentagon

– Man under arrest @ . No injuries reported. Witnesses say there are knives on the ground

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-27 om 18.16.29

** Incident happened shortly after 2 pm local. Large armed police presence. (Pic )
** Knives as seen after the arrest
** Bus routes 3 11 12 24 53 87 88 159 453 are diverted towards Trafalgar Square and unable to serve stops on .
** Forensic police are collecting evidence on scene: probably personal belongings and knives
** Man arrested in on suspicion possession of an offensive weapon and terror offence
** The suspect was arrested at 2:22pm as part of an ongoing operation by the Counter Terrorism Command in Parliament Street
** The man is believed to be a 27-year-old.
** Man arrested was known to British security services

  • – Arab lawyer sentenced to 7.5 years for collaborating with
  • claims killing 5 SAA soldiers
  • – American ‘convert’ who lived in territory detained by Turkey
  • – 19yo Haroon Syed has pleaded guilty to plotting bomb attack possibly targeting an Elton John concert in Hyde Park on 9/11 anniversary
  • – Suspicious package on RER B line. Trains stopped between CDG airport and Aulnay
  • – Turkey-backed sold Turkish armoured vehicles to : military source
  • – 2 men arrested in connection to the attacks on Wednesday

– Explosion at McDonald’s, allegedly in the bathroom. Area sealed.
** Not yet known if terror related.
** No injuries reported so far. Bomb squad on scene
** Local police, BAC and army on scene now
** All McDonald’s restaurants in the area will be checked now. Scientific police on their way by helicopter
** At this point, it is believed the explosion was a deliberate act, but investigation to confirm underway
** Employees were on the ground floor. Going up, they discovered the fire
** For the time being, the préfet’s office is talking about a criminal act.
** At this point it is believed the fire/explosion was caused by a large firecracker. Bomb squad from now on scene
** Security perimeter reduced. Only pavements directly next to McDonald’s stay sealed
** For the time being, yesterday’s incident is treated as a criminal act, not terrorism. (Use of a Molotov-like device.)

  • – Somali pirate sentenced to life over USS Ashland attack: Justice Dept
  • – Shots fired towards Israeli troops near southern Gaza Strip border fence
  • – German soldier registered himself as refugee and bought weapons
  • – Overview of active Islamist militant groups in Africa ()

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-27 om 11.21.40

  • – Failed attack on distribution center, allegedly by Houthis
  • – Two police officers wounded by ‘Islamist’: official
    ** Counter-terrorism investigation opened
    ** The 2 elite police officers were injured during an intervention to arrest the suspect, allegedly radicalized
  • – Damascus airport rocked by ‘Israeli strikes’. Assad supporting Hezbollah depots were the target
  • – Three Indian soldiers and two ‘rebels’ killed in Kashmir after fighters stormed a military camp

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