Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 28

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Woman in Muslim dress dragged off bus and restrained by undercover anti-terror cops
  • – Abu Salah Uzbeki, Katibat Bukhari emir was killed, together with 3 of his mujahideen
  • – London terrorism suspect was on Gaza flotilla ship in 2010: sources
  • – Machete-wielding man attacks non-Republicans in Kentucky campus rampage
  • – For the time being, yesterday’s incident is treated as a criminal act, not terrorism. (Use of a Molotov-like device.)
  • – Car bomb explosion reported in the Karrada area
    ** Preliminary toll: 4 police officers and 1 civilian killed. 5 injured
    ** The attack has now been claimed by

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-29 om 11.35.55

  • – Man stabbed to death. (Pic ) – Attacker and motive unknown at this point
  • – Police register blasphemy, terrorism cases over Thatta temple attack
  • – Large explosion just heard
    ** Explosion happened on Taleh Road. No word on casualties yet.
    ** Target likely was Federal MP Abdiaziz Elmi, who survived the assassination attempt
  • – Note that the explosion comes on the eve of the summit. Security services said there were no specific threats
  • – Several people injured in blast: cause has yet to be established
    ** 11 were injured in the blast, caused by a homemade pipe bomb
  • – Rival militias kill 29 in eastern DR Congo clashes
  • – Report: fighters slip into Europe posing as injured Libyans
  • – 2 Saudi sergeants killed in explosion
  • – 3 suspected -linked militants arrested, handgun seized
  • – IS claims having destroyed a military vehicle
  • – UK warns of ‘increased level of terrorist activity’
  • – Denmark charges 6 men for joining radical Muslims in Syria
  • – Important district of falls to : district chief of police
  • – Kurdish militias claim killing 17 Turkish soldiers as troops mobilized near Syria borders
  • – Suicide bomber kills five troops and injures 40
  • – Angelic British schoolgirl who fled to join in Syria now wants to come home
  • – Afghan announce spring offensive
    ** The group said the “main focus” would be foreign forces, who would be targeted with a mix of conventional, guerrilla, insider and suicide attacks
  • – 2 CT-ops: woman shot in and 4 under arrest in
    ** Police say they thwarted an active terrorism plot
  • – Woman who was injured in the truck attack has died of her wounds. Death toll now at 5.

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