Terrorism Telegram Newsline – April 30

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Police confirm they are investigating a possible shooting incident @ . Area sealed off
    ** According to Ekstra Bladet, shots were fired at or against a Turkish club in the area. To be confirmed
    ** 5 or 6 men where inside the Turkish club, when a masked gunman started shooting. He ran off towards Vesterbrogade
    ** Scientific police are now gathering evidence, no injuries so far. Motive yet to be established: police
  • kills more than 20 militants on Mali, Burkina border
  • – Bomb misses Somalia army convoy outside Mogadishu, hits civilian truck
  • – Police arrest man who buys fuel & food for
  • – Top Afghan leader Mawlavi Mohammad Daud killed by militants in northern Pakistan
  • arrests 46 militant suspects involved in Medina attack
  • – Standoff with 3 terrorists. 1 under arrest, 1 blew himself up and 1 holed up in a house
    ** Police believe the group consists of 7 people. 1 killed, 1 blew himself up, 2 arrested. Operation ongoing
    ** The man who blew himself up, has been identified as Sofiane Segni, wanted since 2015 for planning the attack
  • – Man arrested on high speed train after jihadi declarations and vehement threats
  • – On April 16, we tweeted about Mouhcine. He allegedly has been seen around Paris on April 27. Urgently wanted!
    ** He might be one of the people wanting to commit a terrorist attack in between or during the presidential elections
  • – Police are tracking two more terror plots
  • – 6 suspects detained over planned May Day attacks
  • – Daughter of local alderman Ahmed El Khannouss () charged in terrorism case
  • network and militants among 53 killed in airstrikes: MoD
  • – Counter terror police investigating child taught to kill
  • – 5 alleged members killed “in a US drone strike”
  • took control of the district after heavy fighting with the Somali army
  • frees soldier held captive for 3 months
  • – In Photos: had apparently used Mosul archaeological site for training
  • – Hezb-i-Islami’s Hekmatyar to : Lay down arms
  • – Young son of Islamic terrorist makes threats to kill Australians
  • – Mali extends state of emergency in bid to quell Islamist attacks

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