Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 3

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – 6 suspects arrested
  • – Hamas security forces detain several Fatah leaders across Gaza Strip
  • – Microfinancing of Swedish FTFs in Syria
  • – Rocket attack on UN camp kills 1 & wounds 9:
  • – Police say that they are looking for a white male suspect with a buzz cut, wearing orange tank-top with gray stripe
    ** Shooting in : 1 victim killed, presumed shooter committed suicide
  • – Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction, Mohamed Abaas Siraji, shot and killed near Presidential Palace
  • – Interview with the on their CT-program
  • – Man guilty of leaving bomb on train near Canary Wharf bank district
  • – Explosion reported in company area in Kabul’s PD5
  • : terrorists developing own social media platform
  • – Palestinian detained at Shufat checkpoint for alleged stabbing attempt
  • leader allegedly injured in an air raid
  • issues terror-related travel warning for Tunisia
  • – Pakistani surgeon who helped find bin Laden still in prison despite ’s promise to free him
  • – VBIED explosion: 7 killed, 20 injured
  • – A2 highway completely closed due to suspicious parcel
    ** False alert. Highway will be reopened asap
  • suicide attack kills 2 policemen in northern Iraq
  • – 3 soldiers killed in ambush, claimed by
  • – Malaysia police arrest Turks over ‘security threat’
  • – 4 civil defense workers killed in roadside blast
  • – Abbottabad raid: Commission report ‘sensitive, can’t be made public’
  • seeks to impose religious rules in North Sinai

– Attack on US convoy kills 8 Afghans, wounds 3 US soldiers
**  has now claimed the attack
** IS claims that the suicide attack killed 8 US soldiers and a number of Afghans



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