Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 5

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – DC sympathizer bought AK47 to start “race war”
  • counterterrorism strategy urges allies to do more
  • calls on “Muslims in France” to launch Election Day attacks on candidates and polling stations
  • – Number of potential terrorists in Germany on the rise, report says
  • announced the end of its operations against .
  • attack in Chad kills nine troops, 40 jihadists
  • man charged with attempting to provide material support to
  • urges jihadis to get into hostage-taking business, buy weapons at gun shows
  • – An drone bomb targeted a vehicle
  • – Samir Nouad has allegedly been killed in Syria. He is a high ranking member, responsible for foreign operations
    ** He is believed to be 1 of the masterminds behind the failed terrorist attack in in 2015, carried out by .
  • tells Muslims in Egypt to avoid Christian gatherings
  • – US soldier dies in Somalia in a Somali-led mission against
    ** Besides 1 killed US soldier, 2 others were injured
  • – Court convicts 18 of terrorism: 2 sentenced to death, 16 to prison
  • – Teen girls kill 5 in Nigerian double suicide bombing
  • – Alleged member arrested
  • – Radicalized man arrested near a military base. Might have been scouting for a future attack
    ** Suspect is a radicalized ex-soldier. Rifle and handguns found in bushes near the military base
    ** A USB stick, where the suspect pledges allegiance to , has been found in his car
  • – London’s Heathrow airport briefly suspended some flights due to ‘security issue’
    **  terminal 3 is reopening. A suspicious item was detected by an X-ray of luggage: police
  • – 12 suspected terrorists arrested in CT-ops
  • propaganda on is again showing children, saying they should be prepared for whatever comes

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-05 om 18.19.50

  • – Police say 30 members killed as troops advance through new Mosul axis
  • – 23 members surrender, military says
  • – A video pledging allegiance to has been found with the 5 suspects arrested earlier this week
  • released pictures of its Abu Anas al-Muhajir training camp at an undisclosed location in the Philippines
  • – Terrorist arrested. Hand grenades and detonator recovered
  • – More than 4,000 militants still fighting in Raqqa: Coalition

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