Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 9

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • FCO warns is planning to kidnap western foreign workers
  • – Palawan underground river admin on alert after advisory
  • – Nigeria spokesman says 1 Nigeria girl refused release
  • president fired director James
  • claims killing 9 army personnel in a rigged motorcycle explosion
  • – Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, arrested April 27 in Whitehall, has been charged with terrorism offences
  • – Police seize explosives & weapons in a private school in Khoshal Khan area in Kabul’s PD5: officials
  • – Man threatening to kill Jews with meat cleaver arrested in Stamford Hill area.
    ** A 61-year-old man has been arrested: MET police
  • – Fighting forces in Libya as of May 2017 (pic )

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-09 om 19.27.11

  • – Prosecutor asks for 40 life sentences for nightclub attacker Abdulkadir
  • – British ‘Islamic State Beatle’, Aine Leslie Davis, jailed in Turkish terrorism trial – https://t.co/ANft0p843R
  • – Police: 4 persons-of-interest in last Saturday’s Quiapo blasts – https://t.co/gC5hMo5nCS
  • – Tablet-free transatlantic : America may extend its laptop ban to cover flights from Europe – https://t.co/Qb9E6kQYso
  • – 8 hostages released by
  • – Police arrested a suicide bomber wearing an explosive-laden vest in PD11, Khair Khana. (Tolo)
  • Security sources in the Sahel say has reportedly been replaced by his deputy al-Sanhadji – https://t.co/o2N3daY4gb
  • terrorist cell: sentences in appeal ranging from 7 to 9 years in prison – https://t.co/zp9W0scat0
  • military cyber operation to attack last year sparked heated debate over alerting allies – https://t.co/3nqkoR6WQj
  • : Why helped Nigeria secure girls’ release – https://t.co/C825L49lUf
  • – 2 alleged Syrian terrorists arrested, on suspicion of having joined  – https://t.co/JdOGthzLpm
  • embassy says there is credible intel terrorists may kidnap foreigners in Palawan, Puerto Princesa
  • – Another soldier arrested in the case of the planned false flag terrorist attack by Franco A – https://t.co/J0aSze1SxJ
    ** Police detain 3rd suspect in connection with false flag attack plan. J. Gauck and H. Maas possible targets. ()
  • overran a military base, after troops pulled out
  • – 5 southwest forces killed in a roadside explosion between Baidoa and Gofgudud area
  • – Kidnapped Indian priest appears in a new video and pleads for help
  • – Anti- coalition meets in Denmark to assess campaign – https://t.co/2zw4N4eAcK

– 2 explosions reported. Emergency services and bomb squad on scene
** 1 explosion reportedly took place inside the shopping mall and 1 on the parking lot. At least 10 injured.
** Nation TV now reports 33 injured, but no fatalities so far.
** The 2nd explosion was due to a car bomb: police
** Footage of the bombing – https://t.co/u0otQ5pGiU
** Toll rises to 51 injured

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  • claims it beheaded a Russian intelligence officer
  • – S. Sudanese authorities arrest Ethiopian rebels in Juba
  • ‘s prime minister says attackers in Central African Republic have killed a Cambodian peacekeeper in ambush: AP
    ** 1 soldier killed, 4 missing, 8 injured
  • – Bomb at religious school kills chief cleric: police
  • – Top Malaysian operative dead in Syria: Malaysian police
  • ammunition cache discovered in a mosque in a mosque: police
  • – Police evacuate buildings after a bomb threat was received – https://t.co/vlB07CcdMQ
  • – Niqabs thrown down in the sand as women flee Raqqa – https://t.co/CqiCKUzW4Z

– Special forces now on scene @ Gare du Nord.  
** Police say it is a “verification operation”
** Metro entrances around the station have been closed.
** Metro lines do not stop @ Gare du Nord for the time being
** Le Parisien says 1 train is allegedly being emptied and searched for 3 wanted suspects. To be confirmed
** A train conductor allegedly informed security services around 11.10 pm, he possibly saw the 3 suspects on his train
** Passengers’ identities are being checked and passengers are being searched
** Train came in from . Ops still ongoing
** Train carriages are checked 1 by 1. Passengers have to leave their luggage on the train
** End of ops @ Gare du Nord.

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-09 om 19.05.49

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