Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 12

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • Research report – drones: Evolution, leadership, bases, operations and logistics – https://t.co/wcJe2NnuGK
  • – This is Abu Hanzalah al-Khurasani, who carried out the suicide attack on the convoy

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-13 om 10.35.34

  • – Terrorists shot at workers of a development project in Al-Masoura neighborhood in : Al Arabiya
    ** 2 killed, 10 injured
  • Interesting read, this new report: Debates among Salafi Muslims about use of violence – https://t.co/MxVGSwISWZ
  • – The attack on a French military convoy has now been claimed by affiliate Nusrat Al-Islam Wal Muslimeen ()
  • propaganda on , against the .
  • – Computers at England’s National Health Service are showing messages that say files have been encrypted and demands a $300 payment: BBC
    ** It is believed to be a large scale cyber attack.
    ** 16 organizations are affected so far
    ** this was spread on this week. Not saying it is related to today’s attacks in and .K.
    ** The malware @ the allegedly is a Wanna Decryptor
    ** In April, counter-terror expert Malcolm said ransomware & email blackmail are the current methods of fundraising
    ** After the and , the same ransomware screens are appearing in China. (Pic: PDChina)
    ** In total, 74 countries already reported having these attacks today
    **  says around 75,000 ransomware attacks have been registered in 99 countries
    ** The hackers made use of a security failure in Windows, used by the NSA, that was revealed last month by the Shadow Brokers: bleepingcomputer
    ** If you haven’t already done the security update for Windows 10, please do it now

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-12 om 18.02.07

  • Collapses As Military Kills Commander in West Mosul – http://www.newsweek.com/war-iraq-islamic-state-military-kill-isis-commander-mosul-607055
  • starved children and told them they could eat in paradise if they carried out suicide bombings – https://t.co/URa4OocZCZ
  • – AFP airstrike in Sumisip, Basilan kills more than 20 members: DZBB
  • – Vendor brutally killed for truck used as car bomb – https://t.co/lC1wz9BTGr
  • – The terror threat to Italy: how Italian exceptionalism is rapidly diminishing – https://t.co/010hZnhvmF
  • – Hostage situation after probable bank robbery. special forces on scene
  • linked to network around jihadist leader – https://t.co/bNvI3c9yAi
  • – Greek court jails 2 Swedish men over membership – https://t.co/TMqTrzMzmm
  • – Bomb blast: apparent attack on government convoy kills at least 10, many wounded: local media
  • – Blast on Mustang Road, damaging several cars. Allegedly near a religious party’s event
    ** At least 20 killed and 35 injured
    ** Death toll rises to 25
    **  has now claimed the attack.
  • – Explosion near office building, no info on casualties or cause
    ** Explosion occurred near post office. Suspected parcel or letter bomb
    ** The explosion occurred in the via Marmorata
    ** Only material damage reported so far (a car). Police and fire department on scene
  • – Ohio man indicted for trying to join  – https://t.co/DzTkkXUA8a
  • – Terrorist activity: Man gets 65 years for possessing explosives
  • says future war with Israel could take place in Israeli territory
  • – Syrian Army scores big advance against in northeast Homs: video – https://t.co/5LmfSJNstV

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