Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 13

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Al-Jazira Operation Command secures dam from threats – https://t.co/CLoFCOwvrM
  • “Advice for Martyrdom-Seekers in the West”, Hamza bin Laden’s new speech, gives directives to lone wolf terrorists.
    ** His preferred targets for attacks: Americans, Jews, Russia, NATO members and American interests.
  • – Russian air strikes: 2 Belgian FTFs allegedly killed
  • – Kunduz governor gives deadline to and war – https://t.co/7HSrdelMPs
  • – Kurdish militias kill 6 civilians west of  – https://t.co/uKIGACuE77
  • Sinai Province released pictures, allegedly showing spoils of war taken from tribal militiamen
  • released some picture of the ongoing fighting in Mosul
  • – Moroccan peacekeeper killed in C. Africa attack: UN
  • – 2 female government staff killed in Kabul bomb attack – https://t.co/UFB7cJe8MM
  • – The sky over western Mosul gives you an impression of the intensity of the ongoing battles

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-13 om 15.39.09.jpg

  • – Palestinian stabs Israeli officer and is shot dead: police
    ** The attacker is a Jordanian citizen: police
  • – Top leaders among 11 killed in Kunduz airstrike
  • – Global cyberattack is of “unprecedented level”: Europol
  • – First rebels complete historic disarmament process: AFP
  • – Bristol Airport flights to cancelled after Foreign Office terrorism warning – https://t.co/3qKHo308to
  • – Seven militants killed in airstrike in Turkey’s southeast – https://t.co/uFG0QfvcDT
  • – Airstrike kills 2 members: MoD
  • – Terrorists have opened fire on a police patrol. More details when available
  • – Eight laborers killed in Gwadar gun attack – https://t.co/EMeg2OAjlr
  • – Purported fighter says group plans to bomb Nigerian capital – https://t.co/4z8DuNzxnq

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