Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 14

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • destroys archeological statues and artifacts in Dura-Europos site in Deir Ezzor – https://t.co/AaKMBJuocf
  • – 4 insurgents killed while planting roadside bomb – https://t.co/kxrRgo0fkB
  • – Egyptian colonel killed in bomb attack on armored vehicle – https://t.co/BaD1qmE2Wv
  • SVBIED explosion in the area. Preliminary toll: 6 killed
  • kill their commander for treason
  • – Official: Gunmen kill 2 in northwest Pakistan – https://t.co/4clvEjY1VS

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