Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 24

– Current terror threat levels in the . Situation on May 24, 2017. (Change: goes from 4 to 5)

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-25 om 00.06.31

Manchester attack (continuation – see also May 23)

**  – “Man with the hat”, (), was in in July 2015 @ Old Trafford
** Thanks to an investigation of his phone records, 5 terror suspects were arrested in the U.K. in the spring of 2016.
** Correction on earlier tweet: operation is called “Operation Temperer”. Has been approved and launched. Military to be deployed.
** Suicide bomber Salman Obedi’s father, Ramadan Belkacem Obeid (aka Abu Ismail) moved to the UK from Libya in 1992.
** Ramadan traveled back to Libya in 1994, to join the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an al-Qaeda supported terrorist outfit.
** Salman Obedi himself traveled to Libya 3 weeks ago and came back only a few days ago
** A few members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group lived near to Obedi in Whalley Range.
** Police release a timeline of events on the evening of the fatal Manchester arena attack
** Manchester bomber Salman Abedi ‘probably travelled to Syria’
** Police have arrested 3 more people in connection to the Manchester Arena bombing.
** UK and US intelligence rift over ‘irritating’ Manchester suicide attack leaks by US intelligence
** Armed raid, massive police, army and fire brigade presence @ building in Granby Row (Pics )
** Entire building evacuated. Allegedly something in flat 39.
** Latest police statement on the suicide attack @ Manchester Arena.
** Brother of suicide bomber arrested on suspicion of having links to .
** Police in frantic hunt for bomb maker, mastermind
**  suicide bomber’s father Ramadan has now been arrested in Libya too –
** Libyan security forces say brother of bomber Salman Abedi was aware of his plans.
** Brother of attacker arrested in Libya was planning ‘terrorist act’ in Tripoli: counter-terrorism police.
** Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi linked to key UK recruiter
** Block of flats in Blackley has been surrounded by police. Residents are not being allowed to leave
** Bomb Squad on scene and 1 or 2 people taken away.
** Pro- Telegram channels are spreading this poster, saying to wait for what is worse, with hashtag Manchesterarena.

  • – Bomb threat @ San Francisco State University. Evacuation underway.
  • – Again an explosion heard in Mogadishu.
  • – 2 women arrested by RAID. They allegedly were in an advanced stage to carry out a terror attack.
  • – Man ‘approaching bus with suspicious package’ tackled by police
    ** Police cordon in place to investigate package. The arrested male is a 5th suspect.
  • – Car bomb explosion near seaport. At least 4 killed and 10 injured.

– Bomb blast at bus stop
** Preliminary toll: 2 killed (including 1 attacker), 5 injured
** Scene of suicide bombing @ bus station. Current toll: 1 dead, 9 injured. 1 attacker dead
** Updated toll: 3 police officers killed and 5 wounded. 5 civilians wounded. 2 suicide attackers dead.

  • – Birmingham Cathedral closed after terror threat raised – https://t.co/jbpbi7ZuOH
  • – A Moroccan man attacked a police car while shouting allahu akbar. First indications however say he would be mentally ill.
  • – 4 alleged jihadis arrested
  • – 16 civilians dead in US-led coalition strikes near Syria’s Raqa: monitor
  • – Bath bus station evacuated by police and cordon set up due to unattended bag –
  • – 3 police killed in IED attack at Liboi, Garissa County
  • – Pakistan captures leader blamed for three bombings in restive southwest –
  • – Two Chinese nationals abducted from Quetta –
  • minister of war Abu Musaab Al Masri has been killed by the Syrian army in East Aleppo.
  • deployed to foil another attack –
  • – Parliament says police advised that all public tours and events are cancelled with immediate effect after the Manchester attack: Sky
  • – Roadside bombing: Kenyan military convoy hit, at least 3 soldiers killed.
  • – State of emergency extended until November 1, in light of the bombing.

– Several people taken hostage (continuation of May 23) 
** Current situation, with the flag planted in the middle of the city.
**  supporters around the world are worried they are not getting updated through . This jihadi “helps” out
** President says he might declare martial law throughout the country if terrorism reaches Luzon.
** New footage shows -linked fighters in the streets of central Marawi City.
**  claims it captured police HQ, weapons and vehicles – https://t.co/Vjbfnz8RpL
** Situation this afternoon as seen in pictures released by .

  • – Afghan man accused of killing police officer for arrested in Germany
  • – 3 police killed in IED attack at Liboi, Garissa County
  • – Australian police did not act fast enough to deadly siege: coroner –
  • released pictures of the “graduation” of a batch of suicide attackers
  • – Anti-terror police arrest man at Stansted Airport as ‘he tried to flee to

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