Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 25

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

Manchester (continuation of May 23 and 24)
** –  – Terrorist visited 4 days before suicide bombing
** 1 man arrested in this morning in connection to Monday’s bombing. Woman who was arrested yesterday released
** Armed police raid ongoing in Jackson Crescent in .
** Armed police raid ongoing in Earls Road in .
** Police are closing down the entire area and are evacuating Castlefield Campus college. Army on the way there too.
** Some people are reporting an explosion, but this is to be confirmed. Smoke seen rising in the air though.
** Cordon in removed
** Manchester bombing victims update: 75 still in hospital and five children critical
** Libyan government statement on the Manchester suicide attack
** Note this is a statement by the rival interim govt in , Eastern Libya, not the Govt of National Accord in .
** Tributes of same of the families of the victims of Monday’s suicide attack. (Manchester Police)
**  bomber transited through Istanbul airport, no record of traveling to Syria
** Friend’s heart-wrenching tribute to Manchester attack victim Martin Hett
** Four charged following Counter Terrorism investigation (names + charges in statement)
** Latest developments of the search in : cordon lifted, search still ongoing.
** Manchester bombing accomplices may still be at large, police say
**  is still talking about “several IEDs”, not about a suicide attack.
** Manchester bombing accomplices may still be at large, police say

– Blast in car reportedly carrying ex-interim PM Lucas
**  allegedly is in a critical condition. First reports talk about several injured., near Athens’s Patission Street.
** Papademou’s driver was injured in the attack.
**  was injured while opening a letter bomb in his car. So far only word about injuries to his hands and legs.
**  has suffered injuries to the abdominal area and to the hands. He is in intensive care at this point.
** Police suspect the terror group ‘Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei’.

  • – Heavily armed man arrested @ Phoenix
  • – US-led strikes kill 35 civilians in east Syrian town, held by : monitor
  • – Friars Walk in Newport evacuated due to suspicious vehicle and suspicious package
    ** Bridge and surrounding area closed. Police on scene to assess situation.
    ** Bomb disposal robot has shot 4 times at the booth of the car to open it.
  • , ‘ weekly newspaper is out. It includes an article on the suicide attack.
  • – Wanted terrorist who was sentenced to 2 years in jail has been found and arrested
  • has claimed yesterday’s attack at the bus station
  • – Blast Kills One Ahead Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit To Assam
  • bridge sealed off due to a suspicious vehicle.
    ** Bridge opened to pedestrians.
  • has always said the assassination of their leader was carried out on behalf of Israel.
  • – Osama bin Laden’s wife breaks silence on Abbottabad raid – https://t.co/WgZAckiers
  • – 1 civilian killed and 9 others injured in mortar attack.
  • – Clashes between and Syrian govt forces: 8 soldiers killed
  • – 2 soldiers and 1 police officer killed in separate clashes with .
  • – 4 suspected terrorists arrested
  • (East Asia) claims having killed 70 Philippine soldiers, in addition to the 10 killed in Jolo
  • released pictures of their fighters targeting YPG positions
  • claims having killed 10 Philippine soldiers.
  • has detained 4 -linked jihadis who were preparing attacks with IEDs on Moscow public transport.
  • – Note sparks bomb scare before flight to Turkish Cyprus from Istanbul
  • – Gunfire erupts at Marawi Army Camp
  • – Policeman killed in militant attack in Egypt’s Sinai
  • – At least 5 police officers feared dead in new attack in Liboi
  • leader Abdul Qayoom critical after being shot by terrorists
  • – 11 soldiers wounded as troops clash with
  • claims to have killed 10 US soldiers (including 1 general) and to have wounded 4 others.

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