Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 28

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – 19-year-old male arrested in ongoing investigation into Monday’s suicide attack. 13 now in custody
  • – Suicide attacker Abu Bakr al-‘Iraqi

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  • – Hashd al-Shaabi captures Qahtaniyah town from  – https://t.co/kEKxppDO0w
  • – Three IDPs killed by gunman @ a food distribution point – https://t.co/lYfAvaabpT
  • – Police have confirmed 14th arrest in ongoing investigation into Monday’s suicide attack @ Manchester Arena.
  • – Syrian government forces recapture 4 areas near Aleppo – https://t.co/5OjW3mHU8t
  • – Quantock street is sealed off.
    ** 1 25-year-old male under arrest
  • – New search in Moss Side. 1 under arrest and a controlled explosion was carried out
  • – US considering ban on laptop computers on international flights: Homeland Security chief
  • – Attackers of Egyptian Christians trained in Libya
  • – Suspected Islamic terrorists barred from UK return as police hunt network – https://t.co/IHOqgjl7Tc
  • – Civilian killed, four others wounded in gunfire, blast in northern Baghdad attacker Abu ‘Aishah al-‘Iraqi detonated a suicide belt
  • claims killing and wounding Iraqi soldiers north of Mosul. Suicide attacker Abu ‘Aishah al-‘Iraqi detonated a suicide belt –
  • – Iraqi jets kill 29 members in Baaj, western Nineveh – https://t.co/AldsTwIvo4

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-30 om 00.24.24.jpg

  • – 2 Iranian army commanders killed, 7 soldiers wounded in clashes with -affiliate  – https://t.co/STOb6pseOV
  • has stoned a married man to death for alleged rape
  • – Suspicious item found, shops evacuated. Metro does not stop in the area – https://t.co/9oGJckk7Mt
  • – Security forces arrest terror cell suspected of shooting attack against forces – https://t.co/eeDUkpNHaZ
  • claims a suicide attack by Abu Bakr al-‘Iraqi, killing 13 police officers and wounding 18 others
  • claims having killed 12 Iraqi soldiers
  • – 2,000 trapped as fighting rages – https://t.co/siiHS0DFRX
  • – A message about why attacked Marawi City is currently being spread on Telegram
  • – Qatar risks sanctions over support for &
  • snipers, suicide bombers slow advance in Mosul
  • – Afghan forces rescue 11 from prison in
  • – French hostage who was taken on March 1, has been freed
  • – Insider attack claims lives of 6 Afghan policemen in Zabul
  • ‘s younger brother ‘was planning an attack on the UN’s special envoy to Libya’ – https://t.co/cyft40l37t
  • gangs attack Tuz Khurmatu
  • – Philippines says militants shot dead at least 16 civilians – https://t.co/s2SXl3JsT6
  • – Tripoli death toll mounts as ‘Libya revolution hero’ clashes with -backed government forces – https://t.co/JLYqj5gY85
  • – 6 people, including 3 Pakistanis, arrested before joining  – https://t.co/2rkaMOnpXC
  • – Two Iranian border guards killed, 5 injured in clashes with militant Kurds – https://t.co/COdstmLBk2
  • – Timeline of events and searches since Monday’s suicide attack.
  • – Current situation around Marawi City

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