Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 29

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

– Heavy (S)VBIED explosion just reported
** The car bomb exploded outside an ice cream parlor in central Baghdad
** Preliminary toll: 2 killed, 4 injured
** The explosion occurred in front of the Al Faqma Ice Cream shop, 1 of the most popular ones in Baghdad
** A local source tells me the toll is now 5 dead and 8 wounded
** Meanwhile supporters and members are already celebrating the attack on Telegram
** Updated toll: 10 killed, 28 injured.
** Updated death toll: 11 killed
** Remember this is the same area where a suicide truck struck on July 3, 2016. 320 killed and 225 injured back then

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 23.40.20.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 23.55.46.jpg

  • Law student among latest suspects held in terror swoops after Manchester bomber was invited to stay at his home – https://t.co/XVUU9trNJd
  • – Army food supply dropped/fell in the wrong place, right into the hands of .
  • – The French military is using Iraqi soldiers to hunt and kill French nationals who have joined  – https://t.co/FUVoNLTGgl
  • supporters are doing for the suicide attacker as we speak
  • – Shooting: 1 person injured. Due to the area, it might be gang related – https://t.co/GG3oD1iH7h
  • – Bomb squad & sniffer dogs on scene @ district court, after a bomb threat was called in
  • attacked an Ethiopian army base. Heavy clashes reported.
  • Aasim Umar, chief, has released a new book
  • – New search at an address in Rusholme in connection to attack @ Manchester Arena
  • – Police issued an image of Salman with a suitcase on the day of the attack. Public help needed to track movements
  • – Kashmiri man trying to join deported from Turkey – https://t.co/KvUDn0yURD
  • claims destroying a fuel truck on its way to an American base @ Jalalabad airport
  • – Court arrests HDP MP Besime Konca on terror charges – https://t.co/zz6AouRFmY
  • released pictures of a Peshmerga fighter, taken hostage during a recent attack.
  • claims having killed 6 Iraqi soldiers and wounding several others in clashes in the al-Seha district, western Mosul.
  • claims having destroyed a vehicle transporting YPG members, in the al-Anz mountains
  • claims having downed an Iraqi army drone, east of Mosul.
  • – This is what Marawi City looked like today

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 23.14.27.jpg

  • – Officers investigating the attack @ Manchester Arena are searching a site in Pilsworth, Bury. Search is currently on-going
  • – 3 more suspects arrested in connection with last week’s Jakarta bombing
  • – Mosul to be liberated in week, PM Abadi orders celebration preparations: Sources – https://t.co/lC6srQKO88
  • claims 4 explosions targeting the army and pro-government militias

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 23.11.34.jpg

  • – Somali court sentences 5 insurgents to death for attempted bombings – https://t.co/XaRndlcoz4
  • claims having blown up 9 oil wells, under Peshmerga control, with IEDs west of
  • – Tunisian security forces kill fugitive, a leader thought to be planning attacks during Ramadan – https://t.co/5r8BMGXhiG
  • fighters ‘could be infiltrating’ Marawi evacuees
    – https://t.co/ZnJoynMfgA
  • – Philippines military says close to defeating Islamists – https://t.co/mPl7SXX1XY
  • – Paramilitary leader says burned archives in Baaj, west of  – https://t.co/BXQfC7I2tz
  • convoy targeted in IED blast near Marka city – https://t.co/msCq6jgf0V
  • – Warplanes carry out new strikes – https://t.co/uLrKOS4e1f
    ** Egyptian warplanes destroyed 15 terrorist sites in Derna, AlJafrah during a 12 hour operation
  • lose 3 district chiefs in raid – https://t.co/0QShBab4ow
  • – Australia to deploy more troops to Afghanistan – https://t.co/ke2DUk2G9A
  • – Missing, but police are investigating a possible radicalization and a departure for Syria too
  • – 3 more searches and 1 further arrest. – 14 now in custody
  • – Car “with wires” found. Bomb squad on scene
    ** The license plates are registered as stolen
    ** 1 kindergarten evacuated. Inhabitants are asked to move to the rear parts of buildings
    ** 1 suspicious item retrieved from the car by a robot. It is now manually being checked by a member of the bomb squad.
    ** The wires probably come from a self-fabricated USB stick: police
    ** Police are talking to a man, who claimed to be the owner of the car
    ** Area cleared. Car has been taken by police, due to unclear proofs of ownership of the car
  • – Area around gate to Camp Crane, the national police HQ, sealed off. Suspicious package found
  • – Tech-savvy militant is new commander in Kashmir – https://t.co/3UyOHHOfBD
  • – Ex member warns Ireland is ‘fertile ground’ for recruitment – https://t.co/Ayke2WGphW
  • released pictures, showing them in an attack on army barracks near the Airbase
  • propaganda on Telegram, showing people continuing their “normal” lives after a a “crusader bombarding”

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-29 om 23.00.10.jpg

  • claims an attack on a federal police building: 8 officers killed, a number of injured, weapons depot & office destroyed.
  • claims to have attacked army barracks: 3 soldiers killed, Humvee disabled, barracks destroyed, weapons & ammo seized
  • has blocked the Mansoura-Rasafa road + is stopping civilians of to leave. All communication lines cut off
  • in Mali () stated their targets are first of all , followed by Mali and all apostates.
  • – Survivor child of attack says terrorists tried to set fire to bus after shooting – https://t.co/Z23JJ3xaXv
  • – Nearly a dozen security men killed in attack – https://t.co/aSaLqe1IXs

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