Terrorism Telegram Newsline – May 31

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – Fortified fleet of suicide vehicles captured by Iraqi forces
  • – Convoy of Central Reserve Police Force attacked: 4 injured – https://t.co/gIPCCR30Yv
  • – Dangerous terrorist, Palestinian refugee A.M., arrested. Was wanted by all security services in .
  • – Police searched a property in this afternoon. Still in connection to last week’s suicide attack
  • forced Christmas market attacker Anis to carry out the attack – https://t.co/FmyPEbmdjQ
    **  wanted to travel to an area under control, but instead wanted him to carry out the attack in Berlin

– Security incident when passenger of flight tried to enter cockpit. Airplane returned to Melbourne.
** Local media report he claimed to have explosives. To be confirmed
** Herald Sun reports the airport is on complete lockdown. – Disruptive passenger was subdued by other passengers
** Flights diverted, situation ongoing, bomb squad awaited on scene
** Checking a flight radar, you can see the flight was airborne for a total of 14 minutes
** SBS claims 11 passengers held the disruptive passenger, who was “holding a device”
** Armed police now on board
** Military vehicles on the tarmac. Passengers started leaving plane around 1.30 am local. (9News)
**  was planned by Pakistani intelligence & carried out by Haqqani and LT Pakistan: NDS
** A Sri Lankan national claimed to have a bomb but in fact it was a powerbank: Deputy transport Minister to AFP
** Malaysia Airlines stresses out that at no point the airplane was hijacked

  • – Suvarnabhumi airport boosts security after Bangkok bombs – https://t.co/8Qhws96pRf
  • – Rayyan Meshaal (real name Baraa Kadek), 1 of the founders of agency, killed in coalition air strike
    ** His daughter was killed and his wife is in a life threatening condition. (Via )

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-31 om 19.12.27.png

  • claims the assassination of a military instructor belonging to a police academy.
  • fighters seal off Mosul mosque preparing for last stand – https://t.co/95rzLTW4sv
  • – Pipe bomb found after Dungiven security alert – https://t.co/QbktcWmBUd
  • – Roadside bomb targeting police kills five in Kenya’s north coast, 2 missing – https://t.co/IYBbzg0ov5
  • – 3 soldiers, 2 members killed in Diyarbakır – https://t.co/kOqzI6pgaV
  • senior official Mumin Farrah has surrendered to government troops: ministry.

** The member who is believed to be reporting live from Marawi claims another 4 soldiers were killed + 5 wounded
** How Marawi City residents escaped from -linked Maute terrorists – https://t.co/HdAY64Wmj7
** Military takes control of 2 bridges in Marawi
** Army has seized some weapons and communications materials from the -linked group
**  has released some pictures of their fighters currently attacking Marawi City.
** The terrorist, allegedly updating from within Marawi, just made a new claim. 2 armored vehicles, 18 weapons taken
** 18 members of , Bandrang families surrender to NBI
**  propaganda on Telegram: Pics from inside Marawi City.
** -linked group is using children as fighters – https://t.co/pYkChvnUZN

– Truck bomb attack in downtown Kabul. Preliminary toll: 19 killed, 300+ injured.

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-31 om 18.49.58.jpg

** The explosives were believed to have been placed in a water tanker
** Explosion took place during rush hour in the diplomatic area, close to the German embassy and the Roshan company.
** Health ministry: 19 killed, 319 wounded.
** MoI spokesman has called for blood donations.
** Updated preliminary toll: 49 killed, 320 wounded
** Updated toll: 65 killed and 325 injured
** 1 of the deceased victims is a member of staff
** Updated toll: 80+ killed, 350+ wounded: health ministry
** Over 50 vehicles destroyed: MoI
**  denies being behind the attack
** German embassy workers were also injured in the attack
** BC Afghan driver killed and 4 journalists wounded
** The scene, minutes after the blast

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-31 om 18.57.58.jpg

** French embassy has been damaged in the attack: minister
** German govt has canceled planned flight on Wednesday, deporting migrants to Afghanistan after blast: MoI
** Death toll rises to 90+, with 400+ injured: government spokesperson

  • – Missing girl was in contact with jihadis
  • – 850 recruits “graduated” from their training @ the Khalid-ibn-Walid camp.

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