Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 2

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

– Festival venue of evacuated due to terror threat

** https://t.co/Grdu0QdhTc
** Police in have opened an information hotline: 0800 656 56 51, from within Germany

  • announces via they’ll launch an offensive against the Syrian army.
  • – A quantity of explosive material was discovered by gardaí investigating the activities of dissident republicans
  • – Two arrested after suspected explosive devices seized in inner city – https://t.co/dWDsftsjCR
  • – To avoid all speculation: yes, there has been a shooting @ Tivoli – no, it’s not terror related acc to police
    ** Press conference @ 7.30 pm local
  • / The Philippine ‘Suicide Squad’ saving civilians trapped on frontline
  • – Man wanted throughout Europe stopped with a suspicious backpack in Gaudi Center
  • released pictures of the fighting south of Muslimah city
  • claims responsibility of Turkish helicopter crash by Iraq border where 13 Turkish military personnel were killed on Wednesday
  • – Suspected ringleader arrested in , 30 year old Yassine:
  • -Two suicide bombers (men) killed nine other people and wounded 30 on Friday in : reuters
  • – 1 militant killed by the Turkish army in Eastern Turkey
  • – 2 alleged terrorists killed by the Algerian army. This brings the total killed in May to 7
  • – Terrorists marked two Singapore spots as targets last year
  • claims having carried out 112 suicide attacks in May
  • – Terror trial in appeal: larger sentences for the accused
  • – Ireland’s terror cops on high alert as 30 Irish jihadis set to return after fighting war in
  • – Twin suicide bombing kills at least four people – https://t.co/T2BSret7PO
  • – Alitalia flight AZ801 to delayed due to a passenger who threatened the pilot
  • – 2 men transferred from Belgium to France to be charged in the investigation of January 15 attacks
  • – Police may have found a car significant to the investigation. Cordon around Banff Road Area. They ask to avoid the area
  • – Explosion in a house leaves 5 militants dead
  • – Police: 500 fighters trapped in western Mosul’s Old City
  • – Australian dept of foreign affairs just sent out an update on the situation in France.

Manila, Philippines casino event

** Police looking @ person of interest who is still alive & believed to be Philippine national in connection with attack
** 22 guests and 13 employees died
** Meanwhile on Telegram, an IS member says the attack was carried out by Abu Khair al Luzonee, a soldier of .
** His main objective was to burn the casino, since it’s “the main cause of haram” in the region
** 3 different statements @ this point: 1) Resorts World 2) Police 3) IS – They all state something different.
** The statement comes from the same guy reporting from . His info there proved to be true
** Death toll rises to 38 (37 + attacker). Police now say they have no 2nd person of interest, because the car they
** identified did not belong to the attacker in the end. Police still claim the attack on Resorts World was no terrorism


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