Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 3

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

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UK – London – London bridge ramming and stabbing

** Police are dealing with a serious incident @ London Bridge
** A van drove into a group of pedestrians
** Up to 20 injured. Some sources say van drove into crowd, followed by a stabbing incident. Unconfirmed
** Armed police on scene
** London Bridge station now closed
** London Ambulances ask to avoid the area
** Aerial view of the scene (via )
** Police are not releasing info until they have verified facts
** A BBC journalist who witnesses the incident says 1 man was arrested, with his shirt taken off
** This message is currently being spread on a large scale via , on -linked accounts.

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** Trains not stopping at London Bridge, Waterloo East, London Charing Cross and London Cannon Street
** People in bars at London Bridge are summoned to get down – https://twitter.com/footballgossiph/status/871128670332735492
** Armed officers now on scene @ Borough Market too
** Sky news announced their sources tell them it’s an ongoing terrorist attack
** Several media reporting 2 were stabbed in a restaurant @ .
** Police are currently searching for 3 suspects in relation to the London Bridge incident: BBC
** New incident in area
** When responding to Market, police opened fire. First reports of London Bridge incident: 10.08 pm local
** Sky news Reports 1 arrest in , with police clearing the area.
** BBC: more than 1 fatality @ London Bridge
** 1 being searched – https://twitter.com/RouserNews/status/871140378480717825
** Looks like footage from next to Southwark Cathedral
**  Underground station has reopened.
** People are being evacuated from the scenes with their hands on their heads: safety measure
** People are being told to stay indoors and to close windows and doors – https://twitter.com/FashionFrappes/status/871139845359513600
** Facebook safety check activated – https://t.co/OVayN6yzYt
** BBC: White van drove into crowd @ , 3 people came out of it and ran towards .Schermafbeelding 2017-06-05 om 00.20.52.jpg

  • denies it is behind today’s bombings
  • claims having killed 35 Syrian soldiers in 2 separate SVBIED attacks
  • – Jordanian forces kill militants at Syrian border
  • releases pictures of their ongoing fighting near , west of Mosul.
  • – Civilians killed while fleeing in Mosul
  • claims to have assassinated a spy
  • – Salman ‘made bomb in four days’ after potentially undergoing terror training in Libya
  • claims having killed 4 federal police officers by 1 of their snipers
  • – Ariana Grande’s music label will donate $ 500,000 to victims of suicide bombing
  • – 4 booby-trapped vehicles, 3 motorcycles destroyed in Mosul: Police
  • – Yassine Atar was probably in charge of the telecommunications for the  – https://t.co/2iIkKjdooO
  • – Manchester Bomber Met With Unit in Libya, Officials Say
  • – Explosions occurred @ burial site of Salim Izadyar, a protester killed in yesterday’s shootings in Kabul
  • – 3 explosions reported at funeral ceremony
    ** Preliminary toll: 12 killed, 18 injured
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 20 killed, 87 wounded
  • camp in comes under attack overnight
  • – Two female child suicide bombers kill nine, injure 30 in northern Cameroon
  • – Singapore says terror threat ‘highest in recent years’ ahead of Shangri-La Dialogue
  • – 2 couples sentenced to 10 years in jail for participation in a terrorist organization
  • conducts raids over terror funding in Valley
  • – Latest update on ongoing investigation. 17 arrested, 11 still in custody.
  • – Belgian intelligence is watching 622 FTFs, 80 hate preachers and 20 homegrown terrorists

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-03 om 16.41.22.png

  • – Top Philippine lawmaker labels casino attack a terrorist act
  • – Gunmen attack Indian army: 2 soldiers killed.
  • released pictures (taken about 3 weeks ago) of their members’ training, before going to Marawi.
    ** Side note: it could be a robbery, but carried out by . As they stated in 8:
    ** Thousands of Marawi City evacuees receive food packs from Lingkod Kapamilya

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-03 om 17.47.40.png

  • – Press conference @ 11am local, on Saturday, by local MoI Rheinland-Pfalz
    ** Local media report police were questioning 2 employees of a subcontractor who put something in the festival area
    ** Police do not want to comment on that. They say they handled after they found a very concrete, possible threat
    ** 1 striking thing is, that there is a lot going on about this on -linked channels on Telegram. Which obviously doesn’t
    ** Police continued their search of the festival venue early this morning. Press conference at 11am local.
    ** German broadcaster ARD says 2 people have been arrested, saying they had staff accreditations for the festival.
    ** Still according to ARD, 1 of the 2 is a relative of a terror suspect who is already in jail
    ** Festival to continue as planned
    ** Yesterday, police in Koblenz found out someone with backstage passes had connections to terror suspects. Their backstage
    ** passes did not have their real names. Police had to disrupt the festival to be able to search the festival venue
    ** Police focused on 2 people from Essen and indeed found out 1 of them has relations to a terrorist environment.
    ** Police investigated their accreditations, as well as the subcontractors, but that took a long time. Their houses were searched. Items were seized, but 3 suspects were released.
    ** Police have searched the entire festival venue overnight and this morning, but nothing has been found
    ** Units involved: local police, criminal police, intelligence, Interior Ministry. MoI thanks festival goers for how disciplined they evacuated the festival venue. MoI reconfirms security and safety goes before everything.
    ** Police received over 1,200 calls of people looking for more info, but MoI confirms the festival is on.
    ** 86,000 people left the festival venue in just 15 minutes.

  • – Explosion @ commercial district: 15 injured. Reason unknown at this point.
    ** 32 injured at this point. Could be a gas pipe explosion
    ** 39 injured now in what looks to be a gas pipe explosion
    ** mean anything, but it’s striking to see it

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-03 om 11.56.16.png

  • – Abu Jihad al-Moslawi, who carried out the suicide attack on federal police members west of Mosul.
  • – Police search house suspected as location for bomb assembly –
  • members allegedly lashed & crucified 3 men, accusing them of breaking their fast during Ramadan.
  • – identified did not belong to the attacker in the end. Police still claim the attack on Resorts World was no terrorism

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