Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 4

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More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

UK – London – continuation of yesterday

** Armed police arrest man on suspicion of terror offences at petrol station about 400 m away from Manchester Arena
** Police just sent out they made another arrest this morning too
** At 00.25 am local, the incidents @ and have been declared terrorist incidents
** The incident @ was a stabbing, but not terror related.
** First reports say up to 7 people have been killed in both incidents. To be confirmed
** Zooming in on pictures, it looks like the van that was used in the attack, was an hourly rental van, rented from .
** The Sun reports 2 attackers have been gunned down. 3 are still believed to be on the run
** Looks like an attacker lying on the ground @ is wearing canister-like devices strapped around his waist
** A Telegraph journalist says a huge explosion could just be heard @ .
** Theresa May to hold a meeting in a few hours
**  to remain closed during the night: transport police
** At least 20 patients are being treated in 6 hospitals. Less serious injuries were treated on scene.
** Police are still trying to locate 1 suspect: Sky
** Police have opened their casualty bureau. This is NOT for general enquiries. 0800 096 1233 & 020 7158 0197
** what we know so far : 6 dead, 48 wounded by car ramming and stabbing, 3 terrorists killed by the police Search goes on
** London mayor said that some of the injured are in a serious condition
** A British Transport Police officer was injured as he was responding to the terrorist incident at London Bridge: police
** PUBLIC APPEAL from the Metropolitan Police – RT if you feel that this tweet is important –
** The number of fatalities has increased from 6 to 7: police
** Statement by PM : Lat night’s attacks are not connected to previous ones
** Many of the people who are being treated in hospitals are in a life threatening condition
** There’s a need to tackle extremism in the U.K., we need to reduce the risk of online extremism and military action abroad
** CT-strategies need to be reviewed to make sure CT-professionals have all the resources they need
** The attacks are bound together by the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism, a perversion of Islam
** Electoral campaigns will resume on Monday and the general elections will be held on June 8, as planned
** Police operation underway in area
** 5 under arrest
**  propaganda on regarding attacks.
**  is still closed
** Police say 4 police officers were injured last night’s attacks, including an off-duty officer who confronted an attacker
** 12 arrests so far, in ongoing searches. Remember that was the area where, in 2010, were Islamist protest against
** military parade and where people were chanting “sharia 4 UK”
** The attack has happened over 15 hours ago and still no claims have been made
** Barking Road near High Street now on full lockdown
** 21 of the 48 people who were hospitalized are still in a life threatening/critical condition
** Police pointing weapons in Eastham after reports of a gunman on the loose
** Van used in last night’s attack, was recently hired by 1 of the attackers: MET.
** “An unprecedented 50 rounds were fired” by police last night, to neutralize the attackers: MET.
** 1 member of the public received a gunshot wound during the firing: MET
** 36 of the 48 who were hospitalized are still in hospital. 21 in critical condition.
** The 12 arrested earlier today include 4 women
** Latest police statement regarding last night’s attacks
** Anti-terror investigation opened in , since there are a number of French victims
** 1 French citizen killed in last night’s attack: French MFA
** 1 French citizen is still missing too: French MFA
** Friend reported suspected attacker to anti-terror hotline (BBC)
** Terror attacks: Questions raised about intelligence failure after decision to lower threat level – https://t.co/VZEd9N8KIH
** White van is being towed away over . (7News)
** 1 Spanish citizen, living in London, is still missing. His family is not able to reach him – https://twitter.com/emergenciasCREM/status/871447706954280961
** Update 10pm with details and detained people
** The list of the 12 arrested, includes 7 women
**  has just claimed last night’s attack.
**  qualifies the attackers as a “security cell”, meaning sleeper cell.
** Forgot to add the claim itself. (Notice: 1 claim, 2 dates)
** Although they deliver no further proof at this point, the way the claim is written, one should see it the attack was
** not -inspired, but coordinated with .
** About 30 minutes after the claim, -linked Telegram channels started sharing this propaganda

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  • – Armed Garda support units to monitor Ireland’s major cities from tonight – https://t.co/bqUNZLGtOy
  • – Religious scholars issue unanimous fatwa declaring suicide attacks Haram – https://t.co/Lamaeoni8F
  • – Leo plans to set up ‘‘-style group to prepare for possibility of terror attacks here
  • – 3 members killed in border assault – https://t.co/DqXd4e1uzu
  • – 1 civilian killed by sniper, 181 others rescued in Marawi
  • -linked media released an infographic on Telegram, showing losses they claim they inflicted on coalition forces in May

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  • – Man charged with possessing 4kg of TNT, while another man charged with membership
  • arrests 5 Palestinians accused of planning attack at Temple Mount
  • – Manila casino attacker identified as heavily indebted Jessie Carlos, and he’s no terrorist – https://t.co/rYn2HxNTl7
  • – New footage of the moment of the attack – https://t.co/2X5sR2fWaD
  • – British national suspect ‘Jihadi Jack’ caught in Syria
  • claims having killed 10 Iraqi soldiers, including an officer and a sniper. Attack carried out by an sniping team
  • claims having detonated a booby-trapped house, killing an officer and 3 other staff of Iraqi intelligence
  • claims having downed 2 Iraqi surveillance drones
  • released pictures of a training camp for its snipers
  • – Car bomb blast kills 20 security members east of Homs
  • has published a video showing the destruction of a church in Marawi City.
  • released pictures of combats with govt forces
  • – Eight terrorists killed in eastern Turkey
  • says 1,200 operatives in Philippines, 40 of them from Indonesia
  • – Yesterday’s failed suicide bomber.

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  • conducts fresh raids in Kashmir over terror funding
  • – Remaining suicide bomber, 12 terrorists arrested after Kabul funeral bombing
  • deploys units to crowded areas after attacks
  • claims suicide attack on government troops. 11 soldiers + 1 commander killed
    ** Attack was carried out by Abu ‘Umar ash-Shami, Abu Musab al-Idlibi and Abu ‘Umar Bahrah

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