Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 5

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UK – London – continuation of Saturday and Sunday

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** New searches in and , a number of people have been detained – https://t.co/MJ9m9yqpVS
** More propaganda is being spread on Telegram, regarding Saturday night’s attack.
**  has added the London attacks to its claimed military operations in its al-Bayan news bulletin
** It is the “Islamic duty” to be “loyal” to country in which they live – London’s Muslim community issue statement
** London attacker was of Pakistani origin, who once said `would kill his mother in the name of Allah`
** British police name two London Bridge attackers as Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane
** 2 French nationals still missing: French FM
** till more propaganda being spread on Telegram
** The 12 arrested in connection with the terror attack have been released without charge

  • rebels propose ceasefire for Pope’s visit
  • propaganda on , regarding attacks in/on the West.

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  • – Latest police update on ongoing investigation in Manchester Arena attack. 1 released, 10 remain in custody.
  • released pictures of its fighters attacking a federal police position with rockets
  • , ‘ media group, states on Telegram that jihadis are in France now
  • – Partial evacuation of Dallas PD HQ @ S Lamar Street, due to a suspicious package near the entrance
    ** False alert
  • surrenders Iraqi hideout of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – https://t.co/dCk8pGRPMe
  • claims having killed 4 Iraqi soldiers (including an officer)
  • claims having killed 10 Filipino soldiers yesterday.
  • released pictures of clashes with the federal police

  • – Several people dead in shooting
    ** Sheriff’s Department says situation has been contained. Investigation ongoing in an industrial building
    ** FBI on scene. Motive unclear at this point.
    ** 5 dead, including shooter. Probably a disgruntled employee.

  • may not be able to join gov’t troops in fight vs  – https://t.co/9EMVcVg5Qc
    ** Huge fire seen in -linked ‘stronghold’ in Marawi City
  • – No terror threat in Poland
  • – Massive explosion reported @ police station
    ** Preliminary toll: 3 killed, 20+ injured
    **  has claimed the attack.

– Explosion reported. Police in attendance. (Sky reports an ongoing hostage situation
** Police have now confirmed shooting and hostage situation
** Local media are reporting 1 man has been shot and 1 woman was taken hostage. Motive unknown at this point.
** Police are currently trying to negotiate with the hostage taker.
** At this point in time, it looks like a domestic dispute
** 7News reporting the hostage taker called them, saying this is for  – https://twitter.com/7NewsMelbourne/status/871653117825241088
** Hostage taker shot. Hostage is safe. 3 officers injured
** Police are now investigating whether the incident is terror related
** This propaganda is currently being spread on Telegram. Repeat: propaganda. No claim, no proof, no nothing
***  has claimed the attack
** Propaganda on -linked Telegram accounts after the claim was made.

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Schermafbeelding 2017-06-06 om 00.31.01

– Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE have cut diplomatic ties with
** Qatar is being accused of destabilizing the region and supporting terrorism/terrorists.
** In May, decided to station around 600 of their military in Qatar. Will be interesting to see which side they’ll pick now.
**  has also decided to cut diplomatic ties and supports barring Qatar from the coalition
** Flydubai, Etihad and Emirates will stop their flights to , starting tomorrow
** Next to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar is
** Air Arabia now announced they’ll suspend their flights to Qatar too
**  will also severe diplomatic ties with Qatar
** Egypt has given Qatar ambassador 48 hours to leave the country
**  now also cuts ties with Qatar
** Egypt to ban flights to and from Qatar starting Tuesday: Ministry.

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