Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 6

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

– Square in front of cathedral: police operation, avoid the area.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-08 om 01.00.40.png

** People reporting they are confined inside the cathedral.
** Some people are reporting someone tried to attack a police officer with a hammer. This has not officially been confirmed
** A “gardien de la paix” was attacked 1 or 2 times by a man with a hammer.
** A police officer responded by shooting and neutralizing the suspect. Unknown if the attacker died
** Attacker is injured, condition unknown
** Large contingent of police and gendarmerie has been deployed around cathedral
** Currently not (yet) a lot of comments on Telegram
** Probable terrorist attack: anti-terror prosecutor taking over the investigation
**  claims having killed 4 “spies” who were working for the Egyptian police
** Situation inside cathedral – https://twitter.com/nancysoderberg/status/872108592115179520
** Around 900 people are currently inside the .
** 1 officer injured, attacker taken to hospital: official police statement
** Situation now under control: police
**  Police officer sustained light injuries to the head: police officer’s association
** Police will now gradually liberate people, after carrying out security checks
**  The attacker, after being shot. (No idea of original poster, sorry. Pic was sent through DM.)
** This propaganda poster was again largely spread on last night
** The attacker shouted “this is for Syria” during his attack: Gérard , MoI
** After the attack, the attacker claimed to be “a soldier of the caliphate
** Acc to French broadcaster BFMTV, the attacker is an Algerian student. To be confirmed
** No claims have been made yet. But on this -linked propaganda with images from the latest days, Paris has now been added
** The assailant, a 40-year-old Algerian national, was a PhD candidate in journalism @ the university

  • – 1 couple arrested in CT-ops. Believed to have ties with attacker
  • claims having recaptured 2 areas in Mosul city
  • – Unidentified assailants try to set a police station on fire – https://t.co/rSOZ4N4nVQ
  • Propaganda on -linked channels against and the .
  • has now also decided to reduce diplomatic ties with Qatar.
  • must end support for and :
  • – Terrorists from : prosecutors issue 15 arrest warrants – https://t.co/mqGCm2qKpp
  • , a more violent offshoot has issued a new statement: TAK threatens to attack large cities, tourist & metropolitan areas
  • – Another update on Manchester Arena attack, with an appeal.
  • loses top field commander as violent battles continue: Belgian FTF Abu Omar Al-Belgiki – https://t.co/f04V6U5ypj
    ** Acc to , an authority on Belgian FTFs, this is the 123rd Belgian foreign fighter killed
  • – Woman wearing bandana arrested in knife incident at Toronto mall: source – https://t.co/RpETpLH6oi
  • – Appeal for Xavier Thomas, a French national, missing since London terror attacks – https://t.co/zLeSeZmxch
  • claims having targeted a military truck.
  • – 4 aid workers killed when their vehicle ran over a landmine – https://t.co/d9bwdqTdLr
  • -linked propaganda that is currently being spread on is now very clearly showing threats against police officers
  • claims having killed a commander of the Afghan army
  • claims having killed 2 shiites yesterday.
  • – Police kill suicide bomber, chase another in Baqubah: spokesman – https://t.co/HOjhImT9b6
  • has released pictures, showing battles with .
  • – Alleged suicide attack foiled in southern suburbs – https://t.co/v5UgnfJy2c
  • , yesterday’s Brighton attacker, trained with in 2006 in , witnesses told VOA Somali
  • – People are being evacuated from offices and are told not to come back tomorrow either.
  • on lockdown again following terror attack – https://t.co/CGgVFMk2w8
  • – Suspicious vehicle @ , a hq. Area sealed – https://t.co/2dGCajgEZI
  • – Kashmir militant leader calls Indian Muslims ‘spineless’ and exhorts them to launch jihad – https://t.co/ivkJoK8eXT
  • – China has donated 2 helicopters to Burkina Faso to help them in their fight against terrorism
  • burns 19 Yazidi women alive in a cage – https://t.co/JhTCCwBngH
  • – 3rd attacker has been named as Youssef Zaghba
    ** Italian newspaper Corriere reports he was stopped @ airport in March 2016, trying to travel to .
  • – A rocket landed at the residence of the Indian envoy
    ** No casualties reported
    ** Acc to local sources the rocket landed and exploded on the tennis court in the compound
    **  claimed the attack
  • – Explosion outside Jama Masjid mosque.
    ** Preliminary toll: 20 killed, 25+ injured.
    ** Toll has been revised to at least 7 killed
    ** A spokesperson of the has told they are not behind the attack
  • – Cayamura Maute, an elder member of The -linked , has been apprehended @ Davao City checkpoint
  • accuses of executing 163 civilians in Mosul on June 1 – https://t.co/sTX9Ci7Gzq
  • – This is what Marawi looks like after 14 days of devastating -linked presence. (Pics via )

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-08 om 00.45.41

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