Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 7

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

– Armed man inside Khomeini’s mausoleum. Several people shot
** Shooting inside parliament. Guard and civilians hurt. Gunmen have blocked exits and are preventing MPs from leaving
** Local media report at least 2 injured inside Khomeini’s mausoleum
** Local media say a suicide bomber has detonated himself inside the mausoleum
** 1 dead and 5 injured inside the mausoleum
** Local media report the shooters at the parliament are holed up inside an office and surrounded
** 3 attackers @ Khomeini’s shrine. 1 blew himself up, 1 shot dead and 1 female arrested
** A total of 17 ambulances have been dispatched to both scenes so far
** Security forces arriving in parliament area
** No word on who the attackers are. I see many people tweeting about , but as long as nothing is officially confirmed, we should also consider Balochistan’s , Kurdistan Freedom Party, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Kurdistan Free Life Party
** Picture of the moment of the explosion @ Khomeini’s mausoleum. (Pic Jamaran)

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-07 om 23.53.54.png

**  says 7 were killed in the parliament and 4 people are still being held hostage
** Suicide bombing has taken place inside the parliament, on the 4th or 5th floor.
** Iranian intelligence stated that 3 attacks were planned, but that 1 was foiled.
** Reports coming in of a 2nd suicide bombing @ ‘s mausoleum
** Intelligence Ministry has stated the attacks are carried out by “terrorist groups”
** As I said earlier, and I’ll repeat if: people are all talking about . But: nothing has been confirmed. We should keep an eye on Balochistan’s , Kurdistan freedom Party, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Kurdistan Free Life
** Party and People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran
** Attack has now been claimed by
** In March 2017, a video by Wilayah Diyalah was spread. It was in Farsi. The video focused on Iran and Shias. It talked about targeting Ahmadinejad, Khameini, Khomeini, and others
** Media are reporting all 4 attackers inside parliament have been killed
** Propaganda on -linked Telegram channels following today’s attacks.
**  claims a total of 5 fighters carried out the attacks in parliament and @ Khomeini’s mausoleum, killing and wounding 60
** Tehran police chief: 5 suspects detained following dual attacks in Tehran that were claimed by .
** More propaganda released on -linked Telegram channels after today’s attacks. Partially covered it, image too graphic
** Tehran confirms 5 attackers were Iranian nationals.

  • – Security forces thwart suicide attack on civilians in eastern Mosul – https://t.co/smcZMoYrTT
  • Leader of in East Asia incites Muslims to “teach crusaders that zero hour has arrived” + “the meeting will be in & “.
  • 10 shows defector Harry S.
  • 10th issue of has been released
    **  names attackers as Abu Sadiq al-Britani, Abu Mujahid al-Britani and Abu Yusuf al-Britani.
    ** President Macron appears for the 1st time in the French version of 10
  • – Huge fire reported. Cause unknown at this point.
  • -linked propaganda on mentions US, Russia, France, UK, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Italy,…
  • terrorist held in Rawalpindi, explosives seized – https://t.co/ZwM8nUPpzw
  • – 2 controlled explosions carried out outside US Embassy in London.
    ** Police attended the scene due to reports of 2 suspicious vehicles
  • – Turkish Parliament approves mandate allowing troops to be deployed to Turkish military base in  – https://t.co/Y7F0sW8hgf
  • – Interior Minister al-Mashnouq confirms plot to blow up restaurant was foiled – https://t.co/7da8AtQ18U
  • – Laurent Nunez will be appointed as the new director of the DGSI, the French domestic intelligence agency
  • – Bernard Emié nominated as new director of the DGSE, the French foreign intelligence agency
  • – Attacker has been identified as Farid Ikken
    ** In 2009, was awarded a prize by the European Commission for an article on inequality in Swedish health care
  • also reduces its diplomatic ties with Qatar.
  • – Letter with suspicious powder arrived @ private residence of mayor De Wever. Important police deployment
    ** In March, an unknown assailant threw an axe through the window of the same residence. In the past, he has been stalked he received death threats and someone deposited a pig’s head on his driveway.
    ** First test results indicate the powder is harmless: Antwerp police
  • – Explosion just heard near residence of ex-president Hassan. Area sealed off
  • claims a suicide bombing on federal police forces yesterday, carried out by Abu Islam al-Iraqi.
  • insists it is capable of swift response to any terror attack – https://t.co/TlUal1f9Fu
  • – Paris hammer attack suspect worked as a journalist in : report – https://t.co/kWbfxzPxoe
  • – Army foils another infiltration bid in Kashmir, two terrorists killed – https://t.co/evFDLsiW3b
  • – Ferry services suspended between Denmark and after ‘threat’: operator
  • – 2 parcel bombs defused @ courthouse – https://t.co/EJ7uZPQNQs
  • – France creates new counter-terrorism task force – https://t.co/jurRwMlUr8
  • – 5 under arrest, in connection with the attacks
  • – Mobilization leader says border areas west of Mosul to be -free in 2 days – https://t.co/9ngPlpDlcl
  • – French citizen Xavier Thomas, missing since the attack, has been recovered from the Thames
  • suffers heavy casualties, 44 including foreigners killed
  • – A video of the attacker has been found during searches of his house. Video shows him pledging allegiance to .
  • – Tajikistani militants among 11 killed in Kunduz airstrike
  • – New search in Ilford & large part of crime scene released

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