Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 8

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

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Iran – Tehran (continued from yesterday)

** Intelligence minister promises unforgettable lessons for terrorists
** Attackers were Iranian recruits: official
** Death toll rises to 16
** More -linked propaganda on following yesterday’s attacks
** Even more -linked propaganda after yesterday’s attacks
** The moment the attackers stormed parliament yesterday
** -linked accounts state those people weren’t killed because there was a 0,01 pct chance of them being Sunni.
** ‘s latest issue has a picture of yesterday’s attackers, before they attacked. Al-Naba states they were Iranian
**  released a video about yesterday’s attackers

  • – Looks like some of the fans are getting nervous about the fighting between and IS in Afghanistan today.
  • – Over 20 raids with white phosphorus carried out by the international coalition
  • claims to have destroyed an APC, belonging to the army.
  • – Heavy bombardments going on
  • – Death toll rises to at least 5 soldiers killed & 5 terrorists killed
  • – Counter-terror raids ongoing in Melbourne, acc to local media
    ** Raids are carried out in Ascot Vale. Police do not want to make a statement at this point
    ** Victorian Premier Andrews says counter-terror raids are in connection with last Monday’s attack
    ** 3 properties searched. 3 people questioned. 1 arrested. Imitation firearm seized. 150 officers deployed
    ** Raid was carried out to find the supplier of the firearm used during Monday’s attack. 1 32-year-old man arrested
  • – Searches continue following arrests on suspicion of terrorism offences – https://t.co/9SnGxeRmMh
  • – Searches in in ongoing investigation into Manchester Arena attack
  • – 2 soldiers wounded during a mine sweeping operation – https://t.co/2BCMc86DFS
  • – Armed attack on Balad District leaves 3 casualties – https://t.co/NDHpzPEI1B
  • – 2 arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities on behalf of  – https://t.co/1oXyKV5TSy
  • claims a mortar shell attack on a military site
  • – Three Jaljulia residents suspected of plotting to assassinate officer – https://t.co/73UUEV4fOK
  • – Germany arrests news operative who broadcasted terror claims – https://t.co/avGVMD1l3j
  • – IED explosion: seven injured – https://t.co/Faqku2izVA
  • is battling a cyber attack on all of its systems, websites and social media platforms.
  • – Unattended bag was found in front of a gift shop. Approx 200 staff and passengers evacuated. 2 planes waiting on tarmac
    ** Unattended bag contains electrical equipment
  • – Pastoreta square evacuated due to suspicious package
    ** False alert. Area cleared
  • – Bishop International Airport evacuated due to suspicious bag
  • – Man arrested over ties to terrorist groups
  • – 18 involved in attack on CRPF personnel arrested – https://t.co/FSA0WImY1v
  • – CNN reported a 3rd air strike on pro- forces advancing towards an outpost manned by US special forces and rebels

  • – Chapel Allerton Hospital evacuated due to suspicious package
    ** Correction: partially evacuated
    ** Patients, staff and visitors have been evacuated
    ** NHS asks family members to stay away for the time being
    ** Suspicious package was discovered in a bathroom for disabled people
    ** Pic from the scene ()

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-08 om 18.20.11.png

** Package has been declared safe. Patients returning. Cordon lifted.

  • – Leaflet saying “give up or you will be killed” dropped by forces on .
  • – Sticky bomb attached to a car explodes: at least 1 injured
  • has claimed the assassination of 2 Chinese nationals
  • – Trafalgar Square evacuated. Armed police on scene
    ** Police were called due to a suspicious package in Duncannon Street
    ** Charing Cross station is closed too
    ** Police called to reports of a suspicious item in Charing Cross. Not being treated as terrorist related at this time. No injuries
    ** Incident over. Cordon lifted
  • threatens terror campaign in the Balkans – https://t.co/tBvSYdJq0I
  • kills 20 soldiers in Somalia’s Puntland, officer says – https://t.co/zJAq8rBQ42
  • – Bomb blast kills 3 Somali soldiers – https://t.co/yejqNa84Vd
  • The 4 dimensions of the foreign fighter threat – https://t.co/X4zsix3rhb
  • Whow. Coming from , the best in fighting online extremism: thanks for the support guys and girls. And keep up the good work!
  • – New explosion reported in Tehran
    ** Probably not terror related. Might even be an accident of some kind
  • – Alleged -linked financier killed
  • – Brother of sympathizer sentenced to 8 years for a Molotov cocktail attack – https://t.co/89aA7Lz4X3
  • – Libyan counter-terrorism force: brother of bomber said was radicalised in Britain in 2015 via internet & friends
  • leader killed – https://t.co/wu5vuiFT88
  • – Many killed as execute coordinated attacks – https://t.co/58HPex84k5
  • – Norway Supreme Court says won’t hear case on prison conditions
    **  will go to Human Rights Court in : lawyer.
  • – Court arrests key militant ‘Abu Hanzala’ in Turkey’s northwest – https://t.co/7xB4OHySse
  • leader killed in accidental explosion
  • – Deadly clashes between and leave several dead – https://t.co/X021ZVoyXH
  • – Colombia’s rebels have handed over 30 pct of weapons – https://t.co/hrL1hZdFtk
  • – Acid attack reported in southern , 16 injured
    ** Suspect under arrest. Attack not terror related according to officials
  • – Blast hits US embassy in Kiev, no casualties: police.
  • – Latest update on Manchester Arena attack investigation
  • – Three more arrests in London terror probe: police
    ** The arrests were made in #Ilford
    ** Three arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences (not linked to attack) – https://t.co/jiGXMrnciD
  • threatens to attack American forces in Syria – https://t.co/hG62a3VqLN
  • – Army and police foil terror attack – Army, PNP foil terror attack in Maguindanao – https://t.co/IaAZWFUwbJ
  • – 23yo female Moroccan national, a supporter, detained on suspicion of planning attacks on Jews – https://t.co/V7qZbMocOS
  • – Security forces thwart suicide attack on civilians in eastern Mosul – https://t.co/smcZMoYrTT

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