Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 9

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – 27-year-old male arrested in , in connection to attack –  https://t.co/VjyB2wW8Th
  • child soldier captured during clashes with security forces
  • – 2nd day of bombings with white phosphorus by -led coalition in western Raqqa
  • – Emergency services rush to ‘ongoing incident’ in Paisley town centre – https://t.co/vY5JKUtNLs
    ** Royal Navy bomb disposal unit now on scene
    ** Bomb squad deploying their robot
  • attack: Men ‘wanted to use 7.5 tonne lorry’

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-10 om 01.14.21.png

  • released pictures of a guided missile attack on fighters
  • released pictures of the assassination of a plain clothes police officer.
    ** They also added 1 picture, showing booty from 9 previous assassinations

  • – Police announce a “suspicious situation”. Large deployment underway
    ** Code “CTER” has been used, indicating it is terror related
    ** Live concert in the city was a bit longer than planned, no fireworks. Police expect to be able to update by 23:00z
    ** Acc to Dutch broadcaster NOS, a police spox said there was a “seriously suspicious situation”, now contained
    ** Mayor says police investigation is ongoing
    ** 1 29-year-old male arrested near concert venue @ 8.15 pm local. Known for radicalization
    ** Showed suspicious behavior around 1 of the entrances of the venue. He was filming, but couldn’t explain what/why
    ** Police decided to increase security and their deployed units
    ** All of these were precautionary measures, there was no concrete threat

  • – Man charged with 3 terrorism offenses – https://t.co/U8ttNisRD2
  • – Latest update on ongoing investigation into Manchester Arena attack
  • tunnel discovered underneath school – https://t.co/PSIVe8xwmA
  • – Army bomb disposal unit deployed to South Dublin housing estate over ‘pipe bomb’ – https://t.co/nGQEtYyMXU
    ** But declared false alert
  • – Full statement on today’s 2 suicide attacks, claiming 140 killed and injured
  • claims having killed a sniper in an RPG attack.
  • – New speech bij Ayman in the series “Brief Messages to a Victorious Nation”: 1 Ummah, 1 War on Multiple Fronts
  • – Algerian man with suspected terror links wins injunction preventing deportation – https://t.co/bUtnEtHwZ7
  • – Anders now officially changed his name into Fjotolf Hansen: lawyer
  • – Hotels still showing |i channels will be fined 24,000 euros.
  • is carrying out raids against the regime, west of Palmyra
  • – 22-year-old female teacher killed in attack – https://t.co/eqjrb0SKWa
  • – Yarub al Khattoni, -affiliate Nahawand Brigade official, killed by security forces – https://t.co/AMIsk92Rny
  • released pictures of confiscated cigarettes and other materials they deem “inappropriate”. All of it is burned
  • – Bomb threat due to possible explosives found on a transport pallet delivered to a cruise ship in Nice’s port
    ** Goods were to be delivered to the Azamara Quest. Important police and military deployment.
    ** Next stop of the cruise would be , .
    ** False alert. Cordon lifted
  • – Terror motive not ruled out in DC hit-and-run that injured officers, police say – https://t.co/xpwKJ1FT1U
  • Threat from intensified by its use of Internet & social media to disseminate propaganda to wide international audience: chief. – https://twitter.com/UN_DPA/status/872822400643215360
  • – 3 peacekeepers of operation killed in an attack. highly active in the region, increasing violence
  • – Infiltration bid foiled, 2 terrorists killed – https://t.co/XHi8TsmCqp
  • – New air strike vs -linked Maute rebels as officials vow to end Marawi siege – https://t.co/36yCyV71fb

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-09 om 18.45.15.png

  • – State security arrests Syrian who confessed to having links to terrorist groups in Syria
  • – Jihadist Faisal Hussein Mamlouk of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades arrested
  • – Car bomb explosion targeting gendarmerie station. At least 3 wounded

– Suicide attack reported.
** A suicide attacker detonated his suicide vest on a crowded market in . Many casualties feared.
** Preliminary toll: at least 20 killed and 25 wounded. claimed the attack meanwhile
** Footage from the scene – https://t.co/vSC3NPSvF2
** Updated preliminary toll: 30 killed & 35 wounded. Suicide bomber was a woman
**  sent out picture of the suicide bomber, a man: Abu Mujahid al-Basri

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-09 om 18.49.05.png

** Preliminary toll rises to 31 killed and 58 injured

  • – Explosives placed in fuel tanker defused by Kabul police – attack thwarted
  • London – Update on terror attack investigation: 1 new arrest – https://t.co/aIK1jinEIF
  • – May 31st bombing specifically targeted the German embassy – https://t.co/aml1egxTuj
  • recruiting in Ghor province: official – https://t.co/rFUho9Itl0
  • – 1 killed in anti- operation in southeast Turkey – https://t.co/0Hpjc98rAE
  • – A knifeman is holding hostages in a job centre
    ** Police have no evidence at this point the ongoing hostage situation is terror related
    ** All hostages released, hostage taker still inside the building

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