Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 11

More as it happens and for those among you using Twitter, instant news via @terrorevents

  • – New group founded -> Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan: statement. – Formed by alleged -defectors. (Seems they are pro-.)
  • released a propaganda infographic, showing their operations over the last 3 years
    ** It includes number of deaths and wounded, number of media releases, territorial reach, economics etc.
    ** Noteworthy: also published the infographic in Spanish

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-12 om 11.34.04.jpg

  • – How Israel spots lone-wolf attackers – https://t.co/az1TwsU7c2
  • – Another man arrested in connection with the attack investigation – https://t.co/FfzVf815NA
  • – Man drives car into a group of people @ the migration board – https://t.co/dtTFwd81xM
    ** The driver only hit a tree. A large group of Iraqi migrants have been staging protests at the migration board for a long time. Witnesses say the car has been seen at multiple occasions, trying to sabotage the demonstrations against the Swedish refugee policy
    ** 22-year-old male in custody
  • – 8 fighters killed in the air strike
  • has now activated another channel too, to spread claims, productions and propaganda
  • – Fighting breaks out amongst Syrian rebels in city of al Bab – https://t.co/oGkIuJKFFs
  • claims having killed another 5 soldiers in a sniper attack in Marawi’s Mabandi district
  • claims having assassinated an Afghan intelligence official
  • – 18 suspects detained in simultaneous police raids – https://t.co/OLJfJWBirR
  • – Large explosion reported
    ** Land mine explosion hits army vehicle on road between hospital and junction. (Garowe)
    ** No deaths reported – minor damage done to a kiosque.
  • attackers could have been planning to take hostages – https://t.co/fddHYALHmf
  • – Suspect stays under custody. Police to come with a statement tomorrow
  • claims having killed 9 Iraqi military personnel in a sniper attack in the neighborhood
  • claims having killed 4 fighters in a sniper attack.
  • : German authorities spot suspicious activities in Germany: Egyptian ambassador in Berlin
  • – Bangladesh arrests alleged senior extremist: officials – https://t.co/JrzoQT0fMs
  • – Thailand tightens border as region grapples with growing threat from  – https://t.co/jQg3eDVKIv
  • – Three policemen shot dead. Attack claimed by local affiliate – https://t.co/SEsMdUE8r5
    ** Only have the translated Turkish claim so far
  • military confirmed it carried out its first air strike against , thanks to new authorities approved by .
  • claims to have killed Federal Police colonel Kazem Dawood Gharificin the neighborhood
  • – Over £700,000 raised for London terror attacks victims – https://t.co/qyNraueM1X
  • – Egypt’s interior ministry raises security alert level – https://t.co/SdlCvDcDY2
  • – Federal prosecutor Van Leeuw, in charge of anti-terror investigations, will be on RTL Belgium tonight at 6.15 pm local
  • – Suicide bombing kills 2 in eastern Iraq – https://t.co/tQMf4hcQxl
  • – 3 people charged in connection with attack that left a police officer dead
  • – Kirkuk security detain two members of an sleeper cell – https://t.co/UldcLj3Vj2
  • – The toll of the “green-on-blue” insider attack has increased to 3 US soldiers
  • – President Duterte is not aware of U.S. support against Islamists (contradictory to earlier reports)
  • – Police release images of fake explosive belts worn by attackers
  • . Iran arrests 6 more in connection with deadly Tehran attacks
  • – Irish Muslim convert who had ‘teen crush’ on Osama bin Laden stirs up security concerns – https://t.co/yag2PPlthC
  • – PH military: No troops fighting alongside PH troops – https://t.co/HFhLl6rWsv

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