Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 12


  • claims having killed 20 members in a suicide attack and intense fighting, northeast of Raqqa
  • – Jihadi fighting to stay in Britain is given £ 250k in legal aid – https://t.co/abPKtKQsHk
  • claims having killed 2 members in a drone strike, east of Raqqa
  • – Which danger is posing to the Netherlands? Today’s Dutch intelligence service’s report. – https://twitter.com/PieterOmtzigt/status/874321197147840516
  • – 4 arrested on suspicion of being Jabhat al-Nusra members –  https://t.co/u0ILIhYLjO
  • – Abid , who allegedly hid Salah , has been liberated under conditions – https://t.co/6Jhljv7vji
  • ISIS Speech has been released. It’s called ‘And when the believers saw the confederate forces’. It is delivered by Abu al-Hassan al-Mujahir.
    ** During the speech, nothing was said about the rumors on ‘s death. 1 thing is certain: the speech is recent, since last week’s attacks in Tehran are mentioned in it.
  • – Led by Islamists, thousands of Moroccans rally in support of northern protests – https://t.co/6h5Emsay0C
  • claims having killed 1 member in an IED attack
  • claims having killed 1 fighter and having wounded several others in a sniper ops
  • – Terrorists hurl grenade at CRPF camp in Pulwama, two jawans wounded – https://t.co/rqr0Z1oUH3
  • – State Dept terrorist designations of Marwan Ibrahim Hussayn Tah al-Azawi & Majelis Munahidin – https://t.co/x99V0dt9Ux
  • – Germans returning to Germany after having fought jihadists abroad to face sanctions – https://t.co/YDBLP2VWv3
  • in mass retreat as the Syrian Army advances into Raqqa – https://t.co/W43hzBfC5u
  • – 3 terrorists and 3 others captured – https://t.co/vekuF3MRlu
  • – 1 under arrest for supporting terrorist outfits – https://t.co/nwv98Rh0bb
  • – Military media says five villages liberated, west of Mosul – https://t.co/g9KhtQ6GKg
  • () released a video about the ongoing siege (since 21 days) in Marawi City
    **  special forces in Marawi. (Guess pics are from a journalist, but “fans” barred the name. So: sorry, no source).
  • announces an upcoming statement by the leadership. Might be interesting due to the recent rumors about .
    ** Speculation on Telegram is ongoing. -fans are asking themselves if it will be a statement by a spokesperson or the caliph himself.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-12 om 19.14.28.jpg

  • released pictures of the ongoing fighting around Homs.
  • – Qatar Volunteer Center: 5 million Riyals to support terrorism in  – https://t.co/WW7ejm7SSU
  • – Turkish police detain 9 over Friday’s attacks – https://t.co/hYfd2UtQLt
  • claims its snipers killed 2 Iraqi soldiers
  • denies role in Kabul tanker blast – https://t.co/eCpr3kaU0C
  • – 1 police officer killed, 2 injured in bomb blast
    ** The IED attack happened inside the compound of the policlinique
  • – Two arrested after police and army bust Hizb-ul-Mujahideen cell. (India TV News)

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-12 om 12.55.55.png

  • – Blasts rock besieged city as Philippines marks independence day – https://t.co/nwod261QqI
  • claims having killed 2 members yesterday
  • – Car bomb dismantled in southern Baghdad –
  • claims having destroyed 2 Iraqi army 4-wheel-drive vehicles by blowing up 2 IEDs.
  • claims having downed 3 Iraqi surveillance drones in 3 different areas of Mosul city.
  • claims having killed 6 members in an IED attack in the Rumaniyyah neighborhood, in the west of Raqqa city
  • claims its snipers have killed 15 Iraqi soldiers in different neighborhoods of Mosul
  • – Indonesia seeks talks with to address terror threat – https://t.co/xdvwgAZA75
  • – Afghan civilians killed as U.S. troops open fire after bomb attack – https://t.co/bnujmVI5JN
  • – Kenya foils terror attack planned by Somali militants – https://t.co/K1we50KCSj
  • – 1st woman detained for radicalism in Singapore after she planned to join  – https://t.co/HUG1Wfwrec
  • – Lieutenant who was injured in a mine blast on Friday has succumbed to his wounds – https://t.co/g2icXYjuZf
  • – Suspected militants attack Yemen army camp, 12 dead: military official – https://t.co/6cP2gmSQP8
  • – Convicted jihadist recruiter got married in prison to avoid extradition – https://t.co/BrRz0geMEQ

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