Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 13

  • – At least 15 Turkish soldiers killed, 7 military vehicles destroyed by in Diyarbakir – https://t.co/z7iGcrkkgJ
  • – Mayor consults with on fighting urban terrorism – https://t.co/fzgGVM43Vh
  • – Delhi on high alert over lone wolf attack – https://t.co/2ocEVQFgJU
  • – 1 man shot by counter-terror police in an operation. Man was allegedly preparing an attack on Minister of Interior.
    ** Police found DHKP-C records after the alleged attacker was neutralized
  • – 2 soldiers injured in clashes between army and terrorists
  • – 4 days of international, intense counter-terrorism exercises – https://t.co/FpX3gPsSir
  • – France and Britain announce anti-terror action plan
  • – At least one person killed in an explosion in Kandahar city, local officials confirmed
  • – 25 IEDs dismantled
  • ‘surging’ in Afghanistan: US defense chief
  • – 52-year-old male arrested by counter terrorism officers – https://t.co/3jfxh7u0Wm
  • – New York lockdown as 35 injured in gas incident amid suspicious package reports – https://t.co/RUINBB4plb
    ** Incident due to defective oil burner: FDNY.
    ** The incident was due to a defective boiler producing high amounts of carbon monoxide; 32 injured: NYPD & FDNY.
  • issues global threats. Officials say Serbia is safe – https://t.co/AKyYTebapG
  • – Four CRPF personnel injured after terrorists hurled a grenade at a camp in Tral (Pulwama).
  • – Militants raid AMISOM base in Biya Ade – https://t.co/YSsecXAppd
  • – Video: underground prison for Yezidi girls discovered in Anbar
  • – Suspect stays in custody for at least another couple of days.
  • – US airstrike target network commander in Pakistan – https://t.co/4EFRY1hGPH
  • – Five missing Philippine police officers rescued amid clashes – https://t.co/UsU0bGZnAS

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-13 om 18.26.45.jpg

  • claims having downed an Iraqi reconnaissance drone and having killed 7 soldiers west of Mosul
  • – 38 and militants killed in Nangarhar airstrikes and infightings – https://t.co/ZUJKKCrbuw
  • – Iraqi armed forces announce progress in Mosul campaign, say district north of old city captured – https://t.co/Q8Lsh5SFpd
  • – Twenty militants killed in heavy shelling on Diyala-Salahuddin borders – https://t.co/2JQgQUTPTy
  • – Vital work of stopping terrorists is for all of us, not just detectives – https://t.co/aTJWiKCSri
  • – 4 convicted terrorists lost their Belgian citizenship since 2009 – https://t.co/TlYtnkIErV
  • cells throughout Indonesia: General – https://t.co/ST6Xdiro8V
  • – Shots fired during police intervention. S-Bahn closed. Not known if terror related.
    ** Local media TZ says a man grabbed a female officer’s weapon and opened fire on her. To be confirmed
    ** Situation under control. Special forces on scene. ( Bayern)
    ** It started with a police patrol carrying out a check on a passenger. He tried to grab the weapon of the female officer. She has allegedly been shot in the head.
    ** Police confirm several people were injured and the officer has been severely injured. 1 under arrest.
    ** Assailant injured too.
    ** 2 bystanders injured too
    ** No political or religious motive
    ** Police were called to the scene for a brawl on a train. The person who was taken off the train then went for the weapon of the officer. 37-year-old German male under arrest.
    ** No terrorist background / motive – https://t.co/zuOFKNgXc4
  • – Police have arrested an alleged -member during the Rotterdam marathon in April – https://t.co/NL60OT4xJb
  • – Taliban financial officer in Faryab joined peace process – https://t.co/XNxPqlSEPk
  • – Investigation against : 2 financial judges and 1 counter-terror judge to investigate – https://t.co/tLpEkCtGxI
  • ‘Slavic Brotherhood’: Russian, Serb, and Belarussian troops unite for joint anti-terrorism drills – https://t.co/M7k5TSApfx
  • claims a suicide bombing, killing 5 and wounding 3 soldiers. Attack carried out by Abu Turab al-Maslawi
  • – Package with nails explodes at Seoul university, professor injured – https://t.co/deu5pADBlz
    ** https://t.co/0fezyZDFMF

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