Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 14


  • – More on the cooperation plan: https://t.co/VrK9AcQ7AJ
  • drones are attacking U.S. troops and disrupting airstrikes in Raqqa, officials say – https://t.co/Veo5x6BoYJ
  • – Several factions and village elders in southern Idlib demand to release detainees.
  • released pictures of the work of its religious police
  • -linked Moata Agency claims 23 lieutenant colonels have been killed in the Mosul battle so far.
  • – American Airlines plane @ Miami International Airport evacuated after pilot finds “suspicious canister” in cockpit: WTVJ
    ** The plane is now in the “penalty box” area. Concerns an American Airlines flight from Belize City.
    ** Captain mistook a roach killer canister for a suspicious item. Plane cleared: American Airlines spokesperson
  • joint statement: – https://t.co/hAGyxtI0dM
  • – At least 32 people are being held hostage after militants attacked a hotel: Somali police
    ** Death toll rises to 16. Gunmen still inside.
  • – Budget Secretary: Military’s counter-terrorism funding included in 2018 budget – https://t.co/PZuIpt5bcH
  • released images of its attacks on Iraqi army forces.
  • Interesting read
    ** https://twitter.com/ICT_org/status/874246871019126785
  • – Death toll rises to 11. gunmen still inside.
    ** Corrected by Reuters to at least 20.
  • claims its snipers killed 5 soldiers in the Mabandi neighborhood and 3 others were killed in clashes in Munkadu.
  • claims having destroyed a Syrian Army tank with a guided missile, east of Palmyra
  • fanatic emailed the PM’s office threatening to ‘wage jihad’ before getting job on Crossrail’ – https://t.co/L3WtijJ6Dh
    ** Six years’ imprisonment for man who intended to join
  • – At least 2 dead & several others injured after person opens fire at UPS warehouse in San Francisco
  • – Turkish police introduce national certificate for bomb dogs – https://t.co/oeVRjHJTOi
  • – Thirteen militants killed as foil attack near Iraqi-Syrian borders – https://t.co/NzNdveMHOD
  • – Terrorism in Burkina Faso: 33 killed from January until June – https://t.co/lP9fcox2Tx
  • captures , once ‘s Afghan fortress – https://t.co/ZJu3WYzoeQ

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-14 om 23.07.31.jpg

  • – Interesting thread – https://twitter.com/JoumanaGebara/status/874960716180197377
  • – Man arrested for terrorism offences – https://t.co/XlprD34e1B
  • – Nine indicted for terrorism and links with  – https://t.co/cFRXZ1QfuV
  • issues arrest warrant for Saif  – https://t.co/EXQN5SJS6B
  • Deconstruction of Identity Concepts in Islamic State Propaganda – https://t.co/EAIOdQ5aZP
  • claims having destroyed 12 military vehicles in the Dindan neighborhood
  • claims having raided 2 barracks southwest of . 2 vehicles burned, 5 killed and several wounded
  • claims having killed 1 officer and 3 military personnel in clashes in the neighborhood
  • Interesting read: The Problem With the War on Terrorist Financing – https://t.co/RrH61hN6rp
  • – House Majority Whip shot at congressional baseball practice
  • claims having killed 14 Iraqi soldiers in a car bombing
  • – State of emergency prolonged by 4 months
  • – Finnish security service raises threat level after learning of terrorism plans – https://t.co/miVimMLHvP
    ** Note that Finland previously had no scale in use. At this point security services decided to implement a 4-level scale
  • – 20-year-old male in prison on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack – https://t.co/C544WmtRL9
    ** He was discovered due to stuff he told his GP. Investigators found out he had looked into how to make a bomb too
    ** The man had booked a ticket to . He might be suffering mental health problems and showing copycat behavior
  • – Border guard dies in land mine explosion – https://t.co/zRTBq9SLbN
  • – Bomb blast: 4 family members of a police commander killed and 7 other wounded

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