Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 16


  • – Heavy clashes reported, after attacked military base in the town tonight. 8 people confirmed dead: Garowe
  •   – Increased security presence in the district, due to possible terrorist threat
  • – 2 IED explosions reported in a mosque
    ** Preliminary toll: 2 injured
  • – Soccer trainer, training refugees, exposed as a operative by domestic intel – https://t.co/G1D845ublQ
  • claims having killed 38 police officers in a suicide attack carried out by 5 of its fighters

  • – Stabbing attack near Damascus gate. Police on scene. Area sealed off. At least two terrorist carried out the attack.
    ** Policewoman injured and in critical condition. Police have shot 3 terrorists. Area sealed off.
    ** The policewoman is a 20-year-old border police officer. 2 crime scenes. Weapons jammed, possibly saving many lives
    ** Police announced that Hadas Malka, the female officer, has died of her wounds
    **  claims the attack. -> 1st claimed attack in Israel

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 00.52.18** The 3 attackers

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 00.54.52.png

** Hamas says claim is false, says that 2 of the terrorists were members and the 3rd one a member.


  • – Police have warned about a potential terror threat to churches – https://t.co/CI4OcG61zF
  • claims having killed 3 policemen
  • remains key route for terrorists, EU warns – https://t.co/YfJUVyuWY8
  • – 1993 Mumbai blasts case: six accused were found guilty – https://t.co/5yQ8lvV9gQ
  • – security cordon and evacuation of residents after finding a car full of gas canisters – https://t.co/fkTjFftlmX
    ** Car was found near a Seveso-site.
    ** Bomb squad on scene. 15 gas canisters in the car, no detonator at first sight
    ** Correction: 14 canisters. Area cleared
  • – Police patrol ambushed: 5 officers killed.
    ** Death toll rises to 6 officers killed
  • – 4 civilians killed, 11 injured in roadside bombing – https://t.co/9GTBGEAkSE
  • attack: 14 more Maoists arrested – https://t.co/Cd4kkfjwJo
  • – 2 bandits die in Tawi-Tawi firefight – https://t.co/DwvoHdNa0S
  • released pictures of its members distributing a pamphlet “the last 10 days of Ramadan”

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-17 om 00.41.37.jpg

  • – Islamist militants rapidly increasing in Sweden – https://t.co/NvVaXA4vt0
  • – 1 woman injured in a mine explosion – https://t.co/JFcUVYhdac
  • : parliament on lockdown as police deal with man outside gates – https://t.co/2nAAoZ68yX
    ** Police approached the man to talk to him, man drew a knife: police
    ** Counter terrorism police are conducting an investigation too, but motive has not yet been established
    ** Counter terrorism police just said it has not yet been determined if this was a terrorist act.
  • – Hunt for another bombing suspect – https://t.co/OAdFhEq1hs
  • – Iran dismantles terrorist group – https://t.co/Onyzlq25jK
  • Facebook security lapse: identities of 1,000+ moderators exposed to suspected terrorists, 1 moderator still hiding – https://t.co/rv3twv61MN
  • – The radicalized man is suspected of being implicated in the preparation of a terrorist attack
    ** Although he is a suspect, the judge has now decided he can not stay in prison
  • Russian army says may have killed head of Islamic State late May: media
    ** The Russian air raid targeted a meeting of leaders, where Baghdadi may have been present
    ** The air raid took place on May 28, 2017

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