Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 18

– Van drives into crowd outside Finsbury Parc Mosque. 1 under arrest.
** No official communication yet by the MET, LFD or NHS on numbers of casualties and motive – https://t.co/iZ4PDGpOD3
** Most people might know the mosque from members such as Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid
** The driver allegedly shouted “I’m going to kill all Muslims”.
** Toll: 1 killed, 8 taken to hospital, 2 treated on scene. Counter-terror police investigating.
** 1 48-year-old male arrested. Is in hospital right now. Will be taken into custody when discharged
** No other suspects have been identified or reported to police. Crime scene sealed off
** The incident has not (yet) been declared a terrorist attack
** PM May: incident being treated as a potential terrorist attack
** Police again confirm there are no other suspects at this point. Investigation ongoing
** London police: attack had all the hallmarks of terrorist incident. All victims are Muslim

  • – Female police officer still in a very serious condition: Munich police
  • – Interesting read: Swedish FTFs in and  – https://t.co/F6n94owu8d
  • – Marawi crisis hits 300 death toll mark – https://t.co/knDIWCGj9J
  • claims having killed 4 soldiers in clashes
  • also claims having destroyed an armored vehicle with an RPG in Lilod Madaya.
  • – 1 French soldier killed in a CT operation against in the region of .
  • – Blast kills policeman in village of Bahraini Shi’ite cleric: ministry – https://t.co/iXA5Z4bTwc
  • – Suspicious messages found in airport bathroom. Extra soldiers, police on scene for sweepings
    ** No official communications on the content of the messages. No bomb threat declared.
    ** Messages on the wall included “allahu akbar” and a threat of a bomb explosion @ airport bus stops @ 8.30 pm local
    ** So far, everything points towards a hoax, although security services are taking it seriously
    ** The airport was bombed on March 22, 2016. 12 people died and almost 100 were injured
    ** Extra security measures taken yesterday after messages @ the airport will continue today
    ** Extra security measures lifted. Investigation ongoing
  • claims killing 5 and wounding 9 soldiers in an attack in the Lilod Madaya neighborhood

– Attack under way at lodge popular with Westerners in Mali capital: AFP

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-18 om 23.07.10.jpg
** Police, gendarmerie, army, special forces and French special forces on scene
** Remember this warning, posted just 9 days ago – https://twitter.com/TravelGov/status/873221617450668033
** Attack started in , around 4.30 pm local
** Number of attackers, victims and possible hostages @ Campement unknown at this point.
** So far, the attack on Campement is only being mentioned on jihadi channels on . No claims
** Government says ‘suspected jihadists’ are behind the attack @ Campement
** The problem with Campement , is that it is situated in a vast, open area -> difficult to secure
** Casualties and hostages @ Campement : UN mission official
**  on scene @ Campement . (FORSAT = a joint intervention force of police, national guard and gendarmerie.)
** Security Minister on scene
** Barkhane and Minusma forces have sealed off Campement .
** A Radisson hotel in the same area has been under attack in November 2015, leaving more than 20 dead
** Acc to AFP, 3 Malian citizens and 4 westerners have been liberated
** Preliminary toll of Campement attack: 2 dead (Security Ministry)
** Testimonial on ongoing attack: 4 armed assailants with AK47s.
** US statement on ongoing attack @ Campement  – https://twitter.com/TravelGov/status/876517255110111232
** Around 20 hostages now liberated from Campement : Security Ministry
** A suspect for the attack @ Campement would be ( in Mali). No claims so far
** 1 of the deceased victims @ Campement allegedly is a female Gabon-France citizen
** Govt statement on ongoing situation @ Campement  – https://t.co/yEAL6tipOZ
** 32 residents from Campement now rescued
** 4 terrorists are allegedly on the run. 1 is believed to be injured
** Paris Match claims 4 people have been killed in Campement attack – https://t.co/pvj0vJ5vAs
** The wounded terrorist who was able to flee, left an assault rifle, ammunition and bottles with explosive materials
** First images from the scene (video) –
** On a channel used by , the attack is being discussed, posting pictures of the tourists too.
** A user posts a picture of someone holding a gun, encircling it in a 2nd post. Comment: “armed tourists “.
** Updated preliminary toll: 2 killed, 14 injured
** 2 attackers fatally shot, 2 escaped (1 injured). 8 members of security forces injured in shootout. Combing ops ongoing.

  • to start moving anti- planes to Jordan in July – https://t.co/rzOT69slll
  • executes 4 Kirkuk civilians for collaboration with security – https://t.co/KW1rwPvO2M
  • – Iraqi jets shell pivotal bridge in Anbar cutting supply from the north – https://t.co/b3fvU2I0X7
  • – Muslims lending Christians hijabs to help them escape in disguise – https://t.co/kG9AhVE7Ea
  • – No threat over holey artisan attack anniversary: home minister – https://t.co/6Wap0Abobf
  • – Police take over facility in Mosul’s Old City, kill senior leader – https://t.co/QVF2OyipEw
  • – French anti-terror prosecutor opens an investigation, since 1 of the victims is a French citizen
  • – Military overruns camp in Philippines – https://t.co/izdAZpxoMn
  • sister nabbed near Iloilo port – https://t.co/cuXQoQW1fD
  • claims having killed 3 Iraqi federal police officers
  • – Pictures showing attacking Assad forces on the Salamiyyah-Homs highway
  • – Pakistani diplomats go missing in Afghanistan – https://t.co/UgMjgeQtOu
  • – American national kidnapped in Kabul city – https://t.co/JFNbqeE5ls
  • – Bomb threat on an airplane. Aircraft evacuated. Allegedly a Bulgaria Air airliner
    ** Aircraft is being checked with sniffer dogs. Other air traffic not affected at this point
    ** Bild says an argument between 2 passengers ended in one accusing the other of having planned an attack on the plane
    ** End of police operation. Plane to depart shortly: Stuttgart Airport.
  • released footage of fighting in the industrial area of Raqqa.
  • – Two Maoists killed in encounter after security forces conduct combing operations in Bihar forest – https://t.co/dZ3lAcexza
  • – Heavy clashes erupted between and government troops
  • – Belgian State Secretary to cancel another 3 residence permits of FTFs tomorrow – https://twitter.com/FranckenTheo/status/876304068125368321
  • – Attack started with a SVBIED. 5 attackers went into to HQ. 2 detonated themselves, 2 were shot by police
    ** Top network leaders killed in Paktia airstrike
  • – 3 terrorist killed & 3 captured, 8 supporting members arrested too – https://t.co/YLpnS5adMH
  • – Roadside bomb kills policeman and wounds 4 others, south of Cairo – https://t.co/bsO2WHJRLZ
    **  movement has claimed the attack

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