Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 19

  • – Canadian man found guilty of trying to join  – https://t.co/awqM7pcklP
  • threats appeared on the website of the Argentine army
    ** Text says: “This is a threat. is in Argentina and you will be hearing from us soon.”
    ** The army was able to take it offline after about 20 Minutes. Not sure at all it was , might be hackers too
  • – An attack on the church might have been planned – https://t.co/la1dmiwA9K
  • – Village guard killed after kidnapping by  – https://t.co/fvXfNq9xLD
  • – Algerian man arrested on suspicion of terrorism will be deported tomorrow morning, Court rules – https://t.co/nD4Gspv5zE
  • – Unknown armed men opened fire on a Navy vehicle. Preliminary toll: 2 dead, 3 injured
  • – Suspect is now being held on terrorism offenses.
    ** Suspect reportedly identified as Darren Osborne from , now living in
    . Dad of 4. (Mirror)
    ** A house in is now being investigated – https://t.co/XNtEnnqShJ
    ** Cordon around crime scene has now been lifted

– Police operation @ . Avoid area
** 1 man on the ground. Heavily armed police on scene. No further info
** Large cordon and growing
** Man rammed a gendarmerie van with his vehicle. No injuries. – AFP
** Security measure: metro station Champs Elysées-Clémenceau -> metro lines 1 and 13 closed
** Acc to French broadcaster Europe 1, the suspect is “fiché S”
** Police announce situation is under control. No officers, nor any civilians wounded
** Driver seriously injured. Weapon found on him
** Anti-terror prosecutor takes over investigation
** According to multiple sources, a gas cylinder was found on scene
** Bomb squad on scene
** French security official: Attacker on Champs-Elysees ‘most probably’ dead
** Metro stations and stay closed. (Metro lines 1, 8, 12 and 13)
** French MoI confirms threat in France continues to be “extremely elevated”.
** neutralization of the suspect

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-20 om 19.11.46.png

** Suspect allegedly born in 1985: Le Parisien
** The attack is being heavily documented and discussed on extremist Telegram channels
** Search ongoing @ residence of the attacker
** The attacker died on scene. He was known to domestic intel for being part of the radical Islamist movement
** 2 gas cylinders, an AK47 and 2 handguns have been found inside his vehicle
** The attacker was a member of a shooting club in the Parisian region since 6 years. (French shooting clubs federation)
** Attacker has been named as 31-year-old Adam D. Was fiché S since 2015 for belonging to the radical Islamist movement
** He was allowed to poses and transport a weapon, as a sports shooter. License renewed in February 2017
** Why could this happen? Because the people handling the licenses have no access to intelligence databases
** Full name of the attacker is believed to be Adam Lofti Djaziri, born in Argenteuil in 1985, with Tunisian roots
** Adam Lotfi Djaziri has never been sentenced. Comes from a salafi family
** His father was a Tunisian & his mother a Polish citizen. Reported by Tunisian authorities since 2013 for his radicalization
** He used to have a company registered on his name, at his address in Le Plessis-Pâté (92)
** Father, brother, sister in law and ex-wife of the attacker have been detained

  • claims having killed 11 Iraqi soldiers during clashes in Mosul’s Ras al-Jadah region
  • Exploring the role of instructional material in ‘s and  – https://t.co/XTovfOHjTM
  • – Journalist killed, three other French journalists wounded in a bomb blast in Mosul’s Old City – https://t.co/g2wrTRalih
  • – Man arrested for possession of an offensive weapon and suspicion of public order. NOT terror related:

  • – Two EU staff killed in Mali attack: Mogherini
    ** 5 alleged terrorists have been arrested in connection with yesterday’s attack
    ** 1 female Malian citizen and 1 male Portuguese citizen, both working for the , killed. 1 French citizen missing
    **  has now claimed the attack

  • – Message on Muslim extremist channels
  • – Molotov cocktails thrown @ Polizia Penitenziaria cars. 2 were on fire. – https://t.co/yZSnFVbHw6
  • – Bomb threat @ sheltered workshop, . Shop evacuated, around 120 employees. Large police deployment
    ** A written note was received a bomb would go off @ 1.30 pm. Police sweeping was negative.
    ** The same sheltered workshop received a similar threat in March. Turned out to be negative too
  • – The arson attacks have been claimed by a left wing group called “Shutdown G20 – Hamburg vom Netz nehmen!”
    ** Investigators found out the group already announced the attacks on Sunday on the extreme left wing portal .
    ** Left wing extremists already threatened with actions and attacks, in the approach to the summit.
  • – General Security arrests militant plotting suicide attack – https://t.co/ZpnBEDFUJV
  • – Suspicious package @ Ministry of education, research and religious affairs
    ** Package arrived @ 2 pm local. Staff called the police as they considered the package suspicious. Bomb squad on scene
    ** False alarm
  • – Russia halts cooperation with within deconfliction channel in Syrian airspace – https://t.co/OSkM4C7jjF
  • – Cops arrest 85 terror suspects in Eastleigh and Mombasa – https://t.co/ErO57MzL91
  • – 5 female suicide bombers kill 12 & injure 11: police
  • – 6 soldiers killed, 4 injured in an IED explosion – https://t.co/qXW1aDJnks
  • Responses to returning FTFs and their families – https://twitter.com/KristinHoeltge/status/876725439129165824
  • – Forensics officers are examining a white van which has Pontyclun Van Hire on it, a Rhondda Cynon Taff firm
    ** South Wales Police officers arrived at Pontyclun Van Hire just after 07:30 BST on Monday, to conduct an investigation
  • – Large amount of railway vandalism. Police investigating extremism take over – https://t.co/Rj7ysLzukn
  • – Italy arrests Iraqi asylum seeker for inciting terrorism – https://t.co/1MdaHzFlXq

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